Know How You Can Unroot Android smartphones and tablets

Many Android users got the benefits from rooting their device. However, rooting deprives their smartphone/ tablet from its warranty period. So if you want to retake the warranty of your Android smartphone/ tablet, you must unroot your device. If you wish to unroot your handset, there are three common ways available to help you out.

How To Unroot Android Devices

  1. Unroot device using SuperSU app

Many of you don’t know that one of the most famous and user-friendly ways for unrooting the Android devices is using “SuperSU”. One of the highlight features offered by SuperSU is that it can easily and quickly unroot your Android smartphone or tablet.

To do that, you just launch the SuperSU unrooting app, then proceed to the Setting icon of the app. Here, scroll down and then select “Full Unroot”. The SuperSU app would display a list of instructions, which you just need to follow to complete the unrooting of your Android device. Once your phone reboots, the unrooting process will be completed.

  1. Unroot phone using a file manager

Doing this way might get complicated for you to remove the root access, but it’quite easy when you just need to delete files. To achieve this, you would need to install a file manager on your Android device that has a root access such as ES File Explorer, Root Explorer. Then you can easily unroot your device by following the steps below:

  • Access to the primary drive of your Android device and search for “System
  • Once you select it, tap on “bin”. Now you need to delete “busybox” and “su
  • Next, back to the main folder and tap on “xbin”. If there are also files here, you need to delete “busybox” and “su
  • Go back to the main system and tap on “app
  • Delete the “ apk
  • Now just restart your Android device and you’ll see your phone is unrooted.

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  1. Unroot Device by Stock Firmware Installation

The most effective way to unroot Android smartphone/ tablet is restoring your device back to its original firmware. This will not affect the kernel, RAM, or recovery because the firmware is well equipped with the necessary software package. But remember different Android smartphones/ tablets have different methods of the firmware installation.

These are three popular ways to unroot your Android smartphones/tablets. Do you feel this post useful? Let’s know your thoughts about it in the comment below.

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