It’s time to bade Good Bye to Motorola!

This might seem awfully astonishing when I say that “Now it’s time to bade good bye to Motorola”. With this single revelation, a number of questions must be encircling your minds. When, Why? i also equally was shocked to hear this news. But it’s true. Because it’s new owner Lenovo that has purchased Motorola since 2014, made it evident in the CES yesterday. Announcing the re-branding of Motorola, the Lenovo authorities said that time has come to phase out the brand name of Motorola.

But that doesn’t mean in all that there will be no more production of the Motorola devices. The Motorola handsets will be still in production in the coming years with the same shape, colors and features and will be made available for the Motorola lovers. But henceforth with the M-brand symbol only, whereas the handsets will carry Lenovo’s branding and iconography. You can say that it’s a marketing strategy inputted by Lenovo to popularize their obscure brand name in the Mobile market.

As you know that Motorola is a far more popular brand name in the Mobile market in comparison to Lenovo and hence Lenovo want to take it’s advantage to get popular in the Mobile market. But we suspect how long Lenovo will sustain in the steep competition that it will face with the immensely popular brands Samsung and Apple. If you make Analysis, you will find Motorola was also back in the race. Undoubtedly, Lenovo is a giant in computers, but for Smartphones and Mobiles, they are a far more obscured brand.

Lenovo plans to sell their high-end Mobile devices with Motorola’s brand name whereas it plans to sell the budget-friendly Smartphones with their own brand. They assume that enlisting their brand and Logo to the popular Moto devices will bring their brand into the limelight and their lower-range products will be on good sale. Though this is a good marketing strategy as per the Lonevo people, still it’s to be seen how much this strategy stands to their expectations!

But the most important thing is to see how the common user respond to this. Of course, since 2014 when Lenovo purchased Motorola from Google, it’s designing and selling the Moto devices. But the brand name Motorola is enough to boost their selling. But now we would definitely wait to see, how these products are sold without the Moto brand name. What you think guys? Would you love to see Motorola getting re-branded to Lenovo? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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