iPhoneIMEI.net Review and my story about getting Scammed

Well, I just bought a second-hand iPhone 6s, but badly, it was locked to the previous owner’s iCloud account. I felt a strong desire to free my iPhone from that iCloud account so that I could set up my very own iCloud account on my device. And luckily, my friend recommended me an iCloud unlock provider and I decided to put my trust on them. However, the bad thing is that I did get scammed! In this post, I want to share my terrible experience with you who need iCloud unlocking. Just read on to save you from falling for scams.

Part 1: Getting scammed by XXXXX.

*Note: I replaced the company name by XXXXX because they contacted me to offer me to remove their name in this review. If not, they’ll do something bad to my blog

This unlock provider did commit to offering me the cheapest and fastest service to permanently remove the previous owner’s iCloud account from my iPhone 6s. After my payment was completed, I was told to wait a few days to get the work done. In the end, I got an email when they completed unlocking that iCloud account. I was very happy. But that didn’t last long until my iPhone was updated to iOS 10. It was relocked! I realized that they used scam software. I tried to get my money back but in vain. I even called Apple to help me out from the iCloud activation lock but they couldn’t do it.

Part 2: How did I get on with iPhone IMEI?

iPhoneIMEI review

iPhoneIMEI review

I thought my iPhone was dead, but I wanted to try one more time. This time, I googled iCloud unlock providers and the site iphoneimei caught my attention as it was appearing top spot on Google. Plus, a great sign is that iphoneimei has got a bunch of good reviews on review websites like TrustPilot, RipoffReport or TrustmarkReviews. They also offered fastest service at affordable costs. Not stopping there, their customer support was excellent. I contacted them before, during, and after the unlock was completed and they answered my questions in a quick manner. They were very polite and helpful! In particular, they offer 100% money back guarantee in case they can’t unlock the iCloud account for any reason.

I finally decided to opt for this unlock provider. I paid 56$ that’s $4 cheaper than the previous provider. After a 2-day wait, I got an email telling me they were done removing the iCloud account from my iPhone 6s. I then turned on my device, set up my iCloud account on it and enjoy. My iPhone is free! The best thing is that when my iPhone was updated to iOS 10.2, it was not relocked and still worked properly. iphoneimei was the best service I got. They did save me from having to buy a new iPhone. So, I highly recommend you to opt for iphoneimei to permanently remove the iCloud account from your iPhone/iPad. They will surely satisfy you.

Just be extra careful when choosing the iCloud unlock provider because there are tons of scams in the market. They can use scam software like virus, trojan or backdoor that can end up with damaging your device.

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