iPad Air All Set to Hit At&T and Sprint this November 1

Are you an ardent fan of iPads? Do you crave to grab an iPad in hands with awesome features? Get not worried then. Just wait a few days and you will have a mouth-watering new generation iPad from Apple in your hands. Do you we sound absurd? Not exactly. The sources reveal that the latest 4G model iPad from Apple, iPad Air is scheduled to hit AT&T and Sprint stores this November 1. And the iPad mini with retina display will follow this release to hit the store in the Q2 or Q3 of the month.

iPad Air

What conveys the reports, the 16GB iPad Air will be available in both the carries for $629 while 32GB will be available for $729, 64GB for $829, & 128GB for $929. Simultaneously, the iPad Mini with retina display will be available at a price tag of $529, $629, $729 & $829 for 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128Gb respectively. However, AT&T has yet not decided about its early upgrade payment plan. But the existing data plans of At&T includes $5 a day for 250MB or $30 a month for 5GB. The data plan also includes the newly announced pay-per-plan, meant for the users who don’t require ongoing service.

However, the existing AT&T users can add their iPads to their ongoing plan with an additional cost of $10 a month. The Data Connect monthly plan for full-time data is also available which the users can purchase for their tablets.  And most importantly, the users gets $100 off on every tablet they purchase with a two-year contract which is of course an additional benefit. I think all of you will agree with us. Right?

Conversely, Sprint with a LTE network reach of 185 markets continues the expansion of 4G coverage. Customers with less travelling must love the affordable data plan of Sprint that starts only at $5 per month. On the other hand, customers needing to surf their iPads at any corner of the nation should opt for AT&T, since the carrier is too strong in networking with LTE network reach of 437 markets. So, now what you can do is to wait since iPad Air & aPad mini hits the carrier sores. Right guys?


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