Install Official Oxygen 3.2.2 Operating System on OnePlus 3

The official Oxygen OS 3.2.2 is now being rolled for the third generation OnePlus Smartphone and hence users of the Smartphone can expect an early update push up in their Oxygen device. Because the OS is being rolled Over the Air, so you might receive this update at any point of time. But if you have not received the update yet or want not to wait still the firmware update hits your device, then follow the steps in this article. Following the steps, you can easily complete this update and hence you shouldn’t face any issues. Still you faced any issues in the update, feel free to inform me in the comment section and I shall try to find out a solution for you.


Post update, your OnePlus 3 will be enriched with a number of powerful features that include fixed alert slider/silent mode bug, NFC toggles added and showed in quick settings, upgraded notification management in Doze, disabled by default fingerprint sensor while the phone is in the pocket, improvised 4K video recording codec, security patches and many more. The detailed changes you will mark in your device post installation of the firmware on your OnePlus 3. But before you have to make sure that your Smartphone is running the stock recovery as it’s an official firmware.

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But if your device is already running a Custom Recovery, then you have to install it using a different method. I will explain both the methods below. You must remember that as this is an official process,so you shouldn’t face any issues in the update process. Still you faced, it will be fully your responsibility and you can’t blame TechGipsy for that. But still you need to read and understand the below mentioned step-by-step guide to complete the update and must meet the below pre-requirements.


You need to create a complete backup for your OnePlus 3 Smartphone since your data might vanish during the update. You must install the OnePlus 3 drivers on your PC to connect it easily to your handset. You need to enable the USB debugging option on your Smartphone before update as it should be in the Developer mode. Apart, you also need to disable any antivirus link if you are using both in your device and PC. Maintain at least 75% power back up on your Smartphone to avoid unexpected shutdown during the update. Now let’s take a look on the update process.

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As I told you earlier that there will be different procedures to install the Marshmallow based Oxygen 3.2.2 OS on your Smartphone considering if it’s using the stock or custom recovery. So let’s have a look on them separately. But in both the cases you have to download the flash file to your PC and hence you need a PC and original data cable for the update. Now let’s start.

Download OTA OxygenOS 3.2.2 firmware file


Download the Full Custom ROM package

Steps to Install Oxygen 3.2.2  OS on OnePlus 3 using stock Recovery

  • First of all Download the software from above on your PC and then connect your OnePlus 3 to you PC using the USB cable.
  • Then transfer the downloaded file to your OnePlus 3 and then unplug the USB.
  • Next switch off your Smartphone and then put it into Recovery Mode.
  • From the Recovery Mode Menu, tap “Install” and pick the OTA package that you moved to your device just before.
  • Swipe to start the installation process and wait still it finishes. Post installation, return to the Recovery Mode Menu and tap on “Reboot”. That’s all. Now your OnePlus 3 Smartphone will reboot with the new Oxygen OS.

Steps to Install Oxygen 3.2.2  OS on OnePlus 3 using Custom Recovery

  • First of all download the full Custom ROM package for OnePlus 3 from the above mentioned link.
  • Then connect your OnePlus 3 to your PC via USB and then move the Custom ROM package to your OnePlus 3. After switch off your Smartphone, unplug the USB and put it into recovery mode.
  • In Recovery mode select “wipe data/factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvick cache” options from recovery mode menu to wipe data and clear cache from your OnePlus 3 Smartphone.
  • Then choose the option “Install” and choose the files that you moved to your SD card in step II.
  • Now swipe to start the installation process.
  • Once the flashing process is finished, go back to the Main Menu in your device and select “reboot system now”.

That’s all you need to do. Wait still your Smartphone resumes. If rebooted successfully, you are all done. In case of any issues or queries, feel free to ping me back in the comment section.


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