Install HTC Sense apps in any rooted lollipop device

HTC devices come with a trendy and useful custom UI called HTC Sense. If you own a Lollipop device, fortunately now you can install HTC Sense on your device.

This guide expects you to be familiar with basics of ROMs and flashing. Information provided here is provided “as-is”. We do not shoulder any responsibility for any loss of data or brick of device. This guide is not for the faint hearted. You have been warned!

Create a nandroid backup before proceeding. You run the risk of soft-brick your device at any step.

This app requires a ROOTED device running Android 5 or 5.1 Lollipop. First of all, you need to install the Xposed framework for your device.  Note: Samsung STOCK ROMS are NOT SUPPORTED. Samsung has lots of modifications to ART which makes it unusable to install Xposed and any of its modules. If you have a Samsung device with a CM ROM or any other AOSP based ROM, then you install Xposed without hassle. You can check whether you device and ROM combo can run Xposed here.

Xposed is a framework for modules that can modify the behaviour of the system and apps without modding any APKs. It enables modules for different versions and ROMs to run without any changes to your system. Xposed modifies executable code in memory and thus it is easy to deactivate and revert to your original system.

You can find Xposed Framework for Android Lollipop 5.0 here and for 5.1 here. Download the Xposed Installer APK and the matching framework library for your processor architecture. Most phones have ARM 32 bit processor, so you should get the 32bit (ARM) version. For recent phones with 64 bit processors, you need the arm64 version. If you have a tablet with an Intel processor, use the x86 version. Also download the Xposed Installer APK to install and use modules. We also advise you to download the Xposed uninstaller/recovery flash kit. If something goes wrong, you can flash the uninstaller to restore your system.

The downloaded file is a ZIP that needs to be flashed. You should place it your SD card. Boot to recovery and flash it. As the exact procedure differs from device to device, we cannot provide a detailed set of instructions here.

After flashing, launch the Xposed Installer. Go to the “Framework” section and click on “Install/Update”. You need to reboot to apply the changes. Reboot your phone and you are ready to proceed!

Next we need a module called Sensify from here. Alternatively, you can also browse for Sensify and install it with the inbuilt Xposed Module Browser.

Sensify is an Xposed module that allows you to use HTC Sense apps in your device. With this module, you shall no longer get the “Unauthorized device – This app is not compatible with your phone.” error while installing Sense apps. It allows you to run Blinkfeed and all of its plugins. Additionally, it enables saving to external storage in HTC Camera and Gallery. It also integrates the HTC Theme Engine into non-Sense based ROMS. However, currently it only affects system frameworks, systemUI, and Settings.

Sensify Xposed Mod

Sensify Xposed Mod

Install the APK. After installation, you shall see an alert prompting you to enable Xposed modules. Enable the module and restart your device.

Now proceed to download the HTC Service Pack from the Play Store. If you are unable to download the apks form Play Store, you can try downloading from APKMirror.

Walla! Now you can enjoy HTC Sense UI on your Android phone.

BlinkFeed running on Sensify

BlinkFeed on Sensify

Currently Sensify supports the following HTC apps:

  • BlinkFeed/Sense Home `7.12.563037`.
    And the following plug-ins

    • Facebook for HTC Sense
    • Twitter for HTC Sense
    • Google+ for HTC Sense
    • LinkedIn for HTC Sense
    • Instagram for HTC Sense
    • All others in the `7.00.4xxxxx`/`7.00.5xxxxx` versions
      You can download those plug-ins from here.
  • HTC Camera, with added option to save to SD card
  • HTC Themes (with restrictions, see above)
  • Play Store – it allows you to download HTC specific apps, regardless of the ROM you use

Credits : XDA-Developers forum thread by Woalk

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