iMessages & Google Allo: Which one you like the best

Goole first introduced Google Allo late last year to compete with iMessages of Apple in the world of interactive after Apple adds a number of new features for its iMessages in the iOS 10 version. But it’s hard to know clearly commonalities and stark differences between them and wonder which one is the superior app. So now let’s take a quick look: Google Allo vs. iMessage from then you choose which one is the best for you.

Among great new features, iOS 10 also brings for Messages app a big improvement as it adds stickers, fun little visual effects for message conversations, and most importantly of all are apps for iMessages when you can now access apps like Yelp, Venmo, and Fandango without having to break the flow of your text conversation.

As for Google Allo, if you’re using Yelp in Messages, you will not be able to use Google Maps and its own restaurant reviews. Similar to Fandango, if you are using it to share movie times with your friends, you won’t be able to rely on Google’s movie web searches.

But the aim of Google Allo is that instead of offering a range of apps, it builds in the full intelligence of Google. You can use Allo to easily access movie times, see news headlines, search for restaurant details, and more, all taken from Google’s whole suite of services. Moreover, unlike iMessages of Apple, Allo works on both the iOS and Android platform.

Conclusion, although iMessages is now only on iPhone/iPad, it’s a great message app for people to contact each other. Moreover, Apple takes a 30% sale of all sticker packs as it does for all apps on iOS and is developing an app store for iMessage.

As for Google Allo, Google needs to make this clear to consumers, though it supports for both Android and iOS. Google Assistant is an excellent selling feature, but without being able to send messages to other people not using the app, it’s hard to convince to use Google Allo.

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What are your thoughts on iMessages and Google Allo? Will Google Allo be the iMessage of the Android world in the future? Are the features in Google Allo enough to make you interested and to try to convince your friends to join you or still support for iMessages? Let us know in the comments below!

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