Hungry Shark World; Latest Trending game for Android by Ubisoft

Over 10 million downloads in less than a week for the Hungry Shark World! On May 7th, the Android and iOS app stores updated this app. In free app charts this has topped very quickly. If you are game lover, then I am very much confident that the game will not disappoint you.

hungry shark world

The game is about a free-roaming shark with greedy appetite. The Shark is in an ocean full of swimmers, fishes, deep-sea divers, and other things. Aim of the shark is to eat as much as possible until it survives. The shark is only to avoid bigger, meaner sharks in the beginning and discriminate between things that are good to eat and that will hurt. For the rookies, the tip is to avoid the jellyfish, naval mines and floating garbage.

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Controlling the game is very much more easy and simple. The floating digital d-pad can be used with one thumb and another thumb can be used to boost. As needed, controls between the thumbs can be switched in order to fly. While playing the game, you have to go through a number of challenges. The hurdles include golden fish, daily chests, and letters. As you progress in the game you will be able to discover underground volcanoes, shipwrecks and much more. All these you will be able to explore only you reach the top of food chain.

As a smallest shark in the game, your game starts. As the game advances, you will be able to enhance your shark’s bite, boost and speed. You can also buy and equip your shark with all short of accessories. As you complete the first level, all total of 15 levels are to be completed. Godfather of the sharks is the Great White shark. There is a total of three ocean world to unlock and discover.

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This game is absolutely free to download and play. For gold and gems you need to purchase those. If you are gamer and want to top the game, then you certainly need to pay. You can sync this game with your Facebook account too. You will be awarded free gems as your friends start playing the game on the social networks. You can also save your game data to cloud.

So what to wait for guys? Just dive in the fun and enjoy this game. If you are the one among the millions who have already experienced the game, then leave your valuable comment below. Share your tips if you think the game needs some.

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