How To Unlock iOS And Android Devices

If your device is locked and you intend to switch the carrier since your contract ends, you will first need to unlock your device. Unlocking is required because if you don’t do that when you put another SIM card of other carriers, you will notice there is no signal and you cannot make calls, send texts or use the data. Specifically, if your device is locked, you are not able to use it on other networks. If you are finding solutions to unlock your iPhone and Android devices, this post might be useful for you.

If you are not sure your phone is locked, the simplest way to figure out inserting another SIM card from any other carrier into it. If you there is no signal, you cannot make calls etc… that means your phone is locked. If you can send and receive texts and use mobile data, your phone is not locked.

How To Unlock iOS And Android:

Third-party Unlock Service

If you have a locked phone and you want it to work with other carriers, you can unlock your device with the help of third-party unlock service. There are some reliable unlocking services offering to unlock your device, which is simple, fast and easy. With only a few clicks, you can easily unlock your phone.

Once entering all the required information from the model, IMEI, payment method, just wait for some days and you will receive the unlocking code through your email. After that, you only insert a SIM of any carrier and enter the code, your phone will be unlocked.

Contact Your Carrier

Another option to unlock your phone is contacting your carrier. Unlike the above option, this will need a lot of time. After entering the model, make sure you have prepared all the other essential information relating your device, such as IMEI number, contract details, etc. Next, the carrier will tell you if you meet enough conditions for the unlocking service.

If you are a Verizon customer, you are lucky as its devices are often not locked. But if you are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile customer, you should contact your carrier or visit its website to submit the unlocking request.




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Service Shop

There are also mobile service shops offering the unlocking service. Although it’s guaranteed, it can be very expensive. The price is different from shops and it depends on your phone model.

These are three most popular and easiest way to unlock your iPhone and Android devices. There are also other ways, such as downloading software or rooting your Android phone by unlocking it with particular software. However, you should avoid these solutions because you will not be sure if any of it causes any damage to your phone or void the warranty.

If you want to unlock your device, you should only choose one of the mentioned methods and when you’re done, you will be able to use your device with other networks.

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