How To Unlock Android Phone When Forgetting Patterns

We might sometimes forget the pattern or PIN lock on your Android phone. That time, you’re locked out of your device without getting access to anything on your home screen. Fortunately, there are now multiple ways to help you bypass the lock screen and then access your device again easily.

Android Device Manager (For Android 2.3 and higher)

This is the easiest way to get back the access to your phone after you forget the pattern or PIN code. If you’re signed into your Google Account on your device, the app will work for you.

Just log in to Android Device Manager on your computer, and choose the device in question from the list associated with your account. After that, click on “Lock”. Once your phone is protected by a new code, it will override the original code that you forgot. That’s all! You have access to your phone again without any issue.

Android 4.4 & Lower: Use Google Account

There is also a straightforward method to get into your device if your phone is running Android 4.4 or lower

  • Try to unlock the pattern five times.
  • After the fifth attempt, there will be an option at the bottom that says “Forgot Pattern“, just click on it.
  • Log into your Google Account.
  • Once you authenticate with your Google Account, you can choose a new PIN, pattern, etc to unlock your device.

Third party security options

Some smartphone manufacturers come with their own security software into their device, such as Find My Mobile app of Samsung. Such features are very useful for bypassing the lock screen, but you will need to set this up already.

If you did it, simply go to the corresponding website from the computer and unlock your device from there.

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Smart lock (Android 5.0 and Up)

Newer Android versions have tightened the security than older ones, including a Google account login. However, they come with the Smart Lock feature, which allows you to have your phone automatically unlock under certain conditions, such as when your phone connects to the home Wi-Fi network. If you forget your pattern or PIN in this case, just go return home to unlock your phone.

Factory Reset

The last resort to overcome the lock screen pattern or PIN code is performing a factory reset. But the process will erase all the data on your Android device, so only do it if you really have tried the above solutions and had a backup.

(The simplest method for doing this for a locked phone is by signing into the Android Device Manager online. From here, you will see the option to do a complete factory reset.)

The method for performing a hardware factory reset is different from each device, but it usually involves holding down Power + Volume buttons when your device is powered off. If you experience differs from the Power + Volume buttons, you can search for your model to find the factory reset guide so that you do a full reset to remove the pattern lock.

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