How To Trade Your Current iPhone For iPhone X

Although iPhone X, the most expectable phone this year is not yet to hit the market, many Apple fans are ready to buy it. However, the price tag is the biggest barrier for many of us. So, if you already have an iPhone, it’s good time to trade your iPhone for an iPhone X. Doing this will make iPhone X more affordable and you can enjoy the latest Apple flagship. Here is where and how you can trade your iPhone for an iPhone X.

However, before trading your old iPhone, here are some points you should note to make the process easier.

  • First collect all accessories of this phone if possible such as: the box, the adapter, USB cable, Earpods.
  • Next, make a backup of your phone through the iTunes and iCloud.
  • Log out your Apple ID from Settings.
  • If you use it with an Apple watch, unpair it by heading to Settings > Watch app > My Watch and tap on the i button to unpair.
  • Finally, erase everything by choosing Erase all content and settings from General > Reset.

Ways To Trade Your iPhone For An iPhone X

There are several places to trade your old iPhone for a new iPhone X and the best places are listed below.

Apple Trade-In:

Apple is a great place to exchange your old iPhone for a newer one. But you need to make sure your iPhone is working good. Besides, it comes with a page, consisting of several questions, so you will have to answer those questions so that they can estimate the value of your iPhone.

Amazon Trade-In:

Another good choice to trade in your iPhone is on Amazon. They have a trade-in program that allows you to find various smartphone models. All you need to do is picking up your phone and the model first. After that, answer all the questions relating your iPhone. Finally, based on the answers you give, the quoted price will be presented to you. You can then use that credit to buy a new iPhone X from Amazon

Carrier Trade-In:

There are many carriers currently offering the trade-in program for the new iPhone X. So, you take advantage of that program to get your desired phone. Here are the carriers to trade in your old iPhone for the iPhone X.

T-mobile: The carrier has posted on its Twitter that users can get up to $300 credits by trading your old iPhone. There is also a trade-in program, so you just visit T-Mobile to get chance to achieve a big credit for the new iPhone X.

AT & T: Another carrier also offers trading iPhone X is AT&T. The carrier provides an easy instruction to use the trade-in program for exchanging your old iPhone it with the new one. You simply visit their website or visit their nearest store to get more information.

Verizon and Sprint are also not out of the race. Visit their websites to know more about their trade-in program.

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Best Buy

Do you usually buy products from Best Buy? If yes, they can help you to trade your old iPhone for the new iPhone X with their trade-in program. But you will have to visit their page and make an estimated value of your iPhone. After that, you can mail your device to them to get a gift card. After getting the gift card, you can use it to purchase items available on their store including a new iPhone X when it is available.

These are the best places you can try to trade your iPhone for the new iPhone X. If you feel the post useful, let’s know in the comment below.


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