How to root Samsung Galaxy A7 on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop OS

Hello Samsung Galaxy A7 users. Do you have updated your Smartphone to the new Android 5.0.2 Lollipop OS? Then now you can root your handset on this OS. Rooting is essential for every advanced Android user since it brings them an alternative to customize their handset in a way they wish. Unless you unlock your device and get the root access, you can’t make any superficial usage of your handset. And every time you update your Smartphone with the official OTA firmware, the root access gets revoked. So if you are an Android freak, then its essential that you must root your handset after every update,  provided the rooting kernel is available for you.

Today in this article, I shall guide you through the steps to root your Samsung Galaxy A7 on the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop stock Firmware. But how? It’s quite easy. There is nothing to worry. Just you have to follow the guide I have brought here for you and you can root your handset easily following the guide. Before starting the rooting procedure think twice as this is an unofficial root kernel and rooting your handset using this root kernel will void the warranty of your handset.

Before starting the update procedure, you need to take a keen look on the pre-requirements so that the rooting procedure will be successful and you will not suffer from any issues with your handset. But by-chance your Galaxy A7 undergoes any issues while carrying on the rooting process, you will be absolutely responsible for that. We at TechGipsy will not take any responsibility for the same.


  • This update must be used only for the Samsung Galaxy A7 Smartphone and not for any other Android devices.
  • All important data and files of your Samsung Galaxy A7 should be provided a Nandroid back-up before rooting since it might erase all your important data.
  • A computer and original USB cable should be kept ready for use.
  • Your PC must be pre-loaded with the Samsung Galaxy A7 drivers since the drivers will help you connect your Smartphone to your PC. If not installed, then at first download the drivers from the official site of Samsung.
  • The USB debugging option should be enabled by following the steps Menu > Settings > Developer Options.
  • To ensure if your USB debugging is enabled, navigate and tap on Developer Options. Don’t forget to disable the USB Debugging option post rooting.
  • Most importantly keep your phone battery fully charged. If it is not fully charged, at least maintain a minimum of 75% power back up before starting the rooting procedure.

Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy A7 on Android 5.0.2 OS

    • First of all download the Root package for your Samsung Galaxy A7 and extract it on the desktop of your PC. After download Odin and extract it too.
    • Then Put your Samsung Galaxy A7 into download mode by first turning off the phone and then pressing its Volume Down button, Power Button and Home Button simultaneously. Thereafter press the Volume Up Button again after a warning message appear on your screen, to put your Galaxy A7 into download mode.
    • Then connect your Smartphone to your PC via USB cable.
    • The button-left corner of Odin will display a message after the connection of the Galaxy device with your PC is successful.
    • Now launch Odin on your PC, click on “AP/ADB” in Odin and choose the root Kernelfrom the desktop. Make sure that re-partition option is unchecked.
    • Next select the “Auto-reboot” option in Odin screen and press the “Start” button. The rooting process will take around 4-5 minutes. Wait still your Galaxy A7 Prime Smartphone reboots.

    That’s it! Now you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy A7. But if in case your Smartphone struck in the bootloop sequence, follow this article to come out of that. Even during the rooting process, Odin might stop functioning. In such cases, close the program, unplug the device and force restart your Smartphone. After install the root file again starting from the beginning. In case of any issues, get back to me via the comment section. I shall try to find out some solution for you.

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