How To Reply A WhatsApp Message Without Online

Have you ever ignored a WhatsApp message to stop your contacts from knowing you online? A contact that is waiting for your reply sent a few hours ago, but you don’t have intention of replying as you hate to start a long conversation. There is now a method to help you avoid this situation, so here are two methods that you can try to reply to a message without  online so that you can stops friends from pestering you.

Reply from a notification or from smartwatch

If your Android phone is running Nougat or higher Android versions, the easiest way is replying directly from the notification. Simply open the drop-down menu and reply to the message without opening it. Instead, you click on the Reply button in the notification.

If you have an Android Wear smartwatch, responding to WhatsApp messages directly from the watch without appearing online is very easy. If you reply to the message without tapping on Reply by looking at the whole conversation, this is the case.

How To Answer offline

  1. First, disable Wi-Fi or the mobile network connection on your device.
  2. Then, launch WhatsApp and the conversation you want to chat.
  3. Write a message.
  4. Close WhatsApp.
  5. Enable Wi-Fi or the mobile network connection again.
  6. WhatsApp will now send the message without appearing your online.

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Read WhatsApp messages in Incognito mode with Unseen

Unseen is an app, which allows you to see the messages of WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger messages without seeing you online. You can still reply to messages offline, while others still don’t know you have read their messages. After that, you can take your time before answering the message.

From now, every time you receive a notification about your messaging apps, there will be an Unseen alert to customize with the different colors. Simply tap on the WhatsApp tab, you will be able to read the message, and your friend will only know you have already read the message if you click on Reply in WhatsApp. You will then be taken to the WhatsApp app and is visible again. But one thing you should note that the Unseeen app doesn’t work properly with the group chat.

If your friends have Unseen, you should check that if you don’t get an answer, your messages have most already been read. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.

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