How to remove Bloatware from Samsung Galaxy S7

If you have recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S7, you would see it comes with a lot of reloaded apps called bloatware. You may want to delete bloatware from your Galaxy S7 to make it feel like yours as well as to create extra storage space. In this tutorial, we will show you how to remove preinstalled apps on your S7.

Some bloatware apps can be deleted and uninstalled right on the app drawer, but others might not be available. They do not appear in app drawer and run in the background, but they still presents on your device. That time you have to root the device in order to delete them.


First, we will tell you how to uninstall preinstalled apps on the app drawer

  1. Tap on the app drawer and choose the Edit button
  2. Minus icons will appear on any app that can be uninstalled.
  3. Tap on the minus icon of the apps you want to delete

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Those are apps allowing you to uninstall directly on the app drawer. How about other bloatware apps, which are hidden inside your device? Here is how to do:

  1. You need to root your Galaxy S7 first.
  2. Then install the debloater script.

Besides removing all of Samsung’s bloatware, the Debloater script also solves a bunch of issues such as overheating, CPU performance enhancements, and more.

  • Once your S7 was rooted and installed Super SU, open the app and tap on Settings and turn off Enable SU During Boot under Security section
  • Now, open the Play Store, search for and install the Flashfire app
  • Download the debloater script for your S7:  (any Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge)  (Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 on *PE1firmwre)

  • Plug your device with the computer via a USB cable and copy the debloater .zip file to the internal storage. Do not put it inside any folder.
  • Unplug your phone and open Flashfire app you’ve just installed. Tap on the “+” symbol at the bottom and select Flash Zip or OTA


  • Choose the debloater .zip to flash
  • Under Options section, check on Mount System Read/Write and make sure the rest is unchecked, then tap on the check at the upper right corner


  • Now, tap on Flash and it will flash the file. After that, your device will reboot a couple of times.


That’s done. Is it easy, right? We recommend doing a reboot again to let everything settle as well as speed up your phone. Above is how to remove bloatware on Galaxy S7, let us know if you need any help with by commenting in the box below and if you find this article helpful please like and share it.

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