How to play YouTube audio in background on iPhone/iPad

YouTube is a fascinating video service with billions of musical content, and especially it’s free. YouTube provides a great audio entertainment on iOS device, even you don’t watch the screen. But many users like playing only the audio in the background, while they can still access other apps. So, in this post, we show you how to do this one.

When opening YouTube, if you press the Home or power button, the audio will stop playing. So you need to keep the phone on while playing videos to listen to the audio. This will lead you not to put your iPhone in your pocket and eat up a lot of your battery. The reason comes from that YouTube doesn’t want you to play the videos as background audio since it only reserves this feature for its paying subscribers. But you can remove this annoyance easily.

YouTube Red

The official solution to play YouTube audio in the background is subscribing to the paid YouTube Red service. Besides offering the background audio feature, YouTube Red also offers the ability to download videos for offline viewing and the removal of advertisements.

You can join YouTube Red here, but unfortunately, the service isn’t available yet for the UK users.

View the video in a web browser

If you don’t want to pay for the YouTube Red, there is another easy solution to play audio in the background. That is using a web browser. Although since iOS 10 version, this method hasn’t been invalid with Safari, there are still lots of alternative web browsers that can help you out there.

In this post, we will introduce to you the Dolphin’s mobile web browser and we’re sure it works fine.

  • First, download Dolphin app from App Store for free
  • Once done, open Dolphin and type in in the search box.
  • Look for the video you want to play, and start playing it.
  • Now click the Home button, and the audio will stop playing as you back to the Home screen.
  • Now, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center, you will see the name of the video in the ‘Now playing‘ tab.
  • Simply tap on play icon and the audio will start again and you can do other actions.

There are also other places that you can play the video in the background. It might be on the lock screen, or on the Apple Watch that is paired with your iPhone. You just tap on play icon from either of these screens and the audio will start playing.

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Older iOS versions

If your device is running on an older version of iOS you can easily listen to YouTube videos in the background from iOS 7 to iOS 9 versions, and some of the earlier iOS 10 builds may work too. So you can take advantage of the iOS’s built-in Safari browser, which makes things more straightforward.

We hope you can apply these tricks to your iPhone to play YouTube video in the background.

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