How To Play FIFA 18 Quickly On Xbox One Or PC

Until September 29th, the FIFA 18 will be officially released. However, if you purchase the special Ronaldo Edition of FIFA 18, you can play three days early. And now there is another way to help you play FIFA 18 early without spending $20 for FUT extras. You will be able to play FIFA 18 released on September 21st  through EA Access and Origin Access. Although it’s in addition to the FIFA 18 demo, it isn’t a trial or limited version. Instead you will play a full unlocked FIFA 18 version and your progress will be saved in the game if you buy a full version. So, it’s great to play FIFA 18 early if you want to get an edge on opponents.

EA Access or Origin Access is required to play FIFA 18 on your Xbox One and PC. As PS4 does not support EA Access, so those who are using one won’t be able to play it on your device. You can download the game five days early and play it for 10 total hours during this period. After the FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition launch, you can even play and have the game pre-loaded if you buy on a disk.

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How to Download the FIFA 18 Trial

  • First, you need to register for EA Access or Origin Access.
  • After that, download and install the EA Access app on your Xbox One or the Origin app on your computer.
  • Once done, launch the app and go to the trials
  • Here you will see the FIFA 18 trial. When the launch time arrives, there will be an option for downloading the free trial from the Xbox Store or Origin Store.

Another option you can do is searching Origin or the Xbox Store for FIFA 18, and when you see Free trial, simply click download. You should note that, as the FIFA 18 download file is over 30GB, so this will take some time to complete.

Until now there is no signal of EA Access or Origin Access Play First games getting any special pre-load options. Therefore, you should not expect to get the FIFA 18 trial before September 21st as a pre-load. The only way to download earlier is if the trial begins earlier. However, it will act as a pre-load for a full game when you buy it or when the official FIFA 18 release date reaches.



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