How To Log Out Facebook Messenger Account

Facebook Messenger is now a standalone app without depending on Facebook app anymore. However, the Messenger app doesn’t have the log out button like the Facebook app, which makes many users annoyed. So if you are finding the ways to log out Messenger account, in this post, we’ll show you the way to log out of Messenger on Android and iOS phone.

How to sign out Facebook Messenger account on Android

There are commonly two ways of logging out of Facebook Messenger  account on Android. They are clearing Messenger’s app data and logging out the Messenger session from your Facebook app. Here’s how you can do this

Clear Messenger app data

The first method to log out of Facebook Messenger is heading to the Settings on your Android device.

  • First, close the Messenger app if you are opening it, otherwise this trick won’t work.
  • In Settings, move to the Apps (Application Manager) tab, and scroll down until you see Messenger.
  • Tap on it, and select Clear data.

Now return to tap on Messenger at the Home screen, you will see that the app does not log you in automatically.

In case other people want to use your phone to see their Facebook messages while your account is still being logged in, they just tap Switch Account in order to log into their own account.

Log out of Messenger session from the Facebook app

We are sure that if the Messenger app appear on your phone, the Facebook app must be installed as well. Now, in the Android Facebook app, tap the More button at the top right, then move to Account settings, and choose Security and login. There will be a section, called Where you’re logged in here, simply choose the Messenger session and tap Log Out.

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How to log out of Facebook Messenger on iOS

  • First, launch your Facebook app
  • Tap the Morebutton at the bottom right.
  • Next, scroll down to Settings, tap on Account Settings > Security.
  • In the Securitysection, choose Where you’re logged in.
  • After opening it, you can manage all your Facebook account’s active sessions in any device, app, or browser.
  • Now close the session named “Facebook Messenger on iOS 10” or any version of iOS your iPhone is running on.

The next time opening Messenger, you’ll be prompted to sign back in with your same account, or you can also switch accounts at that point.


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