How To Get Microsoft Office On iPad

People usually use their iPads for entertainments such as watching videos, browsing the internet, and playing games. However, the same users choose iPad to replace their Windows notebook or desktop for the work after installing the Microsoft Office on their device.

Apple offers free access to its iWork suite of apps for every iPad users. Although they are good, many of them are familiar with Microsoft Office. For people who want to get the Microsoft Office on your iPad, but don’t know how to do, here’s how to get it on the iPad. Once done, you can create documents, manage Excel spreadsheets and make presentations as the way you do on your Windows or Mac computer.

  1. Use Office Online on the iPad

The simplest way to get Office on your iPad is using Office Online. It’s free to use, and does not require you to install any apps from the App Store.

That’s because Office Online is a collection of web apps. It allows you to create documents with Word Online, edit and view spreadsheets with Excel Online and handle presentations with PowerPoint Online.

However, it still comes with some limitations. First, as it’s a web app,  so you can’t work on any of your files without the internet connection. Second, the Office Online isn’t as powerful as versions of Microsoft Office as it just comes with the basic features like Word, Excel and PowerPoint and there is no Office Add-Ins. Lastly, it misses some apps that some businesses use daily including Outlook, Access, Microsoft’s database tool.

  1. Use Office Mobile Apps Office 365

The Office Mobile apps are the best choice for your Apple-made tablet, though it’s not the cheapest way. It includes Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, Excel Mobile and OneNote Mobile. Each of these apps can be downloaded for free from App Store now.

These apps are more beneficial than Office Online as it’s integrated more features. You won’t need an internet connection to work with them, and they also support the  native features and controls.

However, like the Office Online, the Office Mobile comes with limitation as well. Although they have more features than the online apps, every option of the Mac and PC versions of Office isn’t compatible with them.

Their biggest limitation is the price. Unlike Office Online, they only let you view documents that you created fro free. Moreover, you can’t buy the apps straightly like you do with other iPad apps. Instead, you need to be a business or personal subscriber to Microsoft’s Office 365 service, which costs $6.99 per month.

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  1. Use Microsoft Office Alternatives

If you don’t like any of two apps above, you can try other alternatives, which are free to use. The first one is Apple’s iWork suite. Its Pages is a replacement for Microsoft Word, while Numbers is the answer to Microsoft Excel. The presentations can also be created easily in Keynote. These apps are completely free on your iPad.

Google Docs is another alternative for Microsoft Office for your iPad. Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms are available for free using online through the web browser. There are also some Add-Ins, which allows adding new features like Microsoft Office support.

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