How to Get Animojis on Older iPhone Models

Animojis is a great new feature on the iPhone X, which provides for users a cool entertainment. The TrueDept feature allows you to use animated emojis on your new iPhone X. But it’s pity as the Animojis is only available on the new iPhone X model, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are not supported. So there is a question arising that is how you can bring Animojis feature on the other iPhone models if you cannot afford to buy an iPhone X. So in this post today, we will show you a way to get Animojis on older iPhone models. You can also bring the feature on your Android phone by using these Animojis apps. Although the app is not 100% same as the Animojis feature on iPhone X, you can get nearly the same experience.

How to Use Animojis on Older iPhones

The first thing you must know that the animated emojis requires a camera so that it can add emojis to your photos. By this way, you will be able to create your own creative and funny photos. The main difference between the Animojis on iPhone X and Animojis on other devices come from the camera. The camera on iPhone X comes with the TrueDept technology resulting in a high-quality photo and the best emojis experience at present.

If your older iPhone or Android just comes with an average camera, you will not be able to get the same results. So using this app below is not too useful. Now let’s move to the installation process of the app to get Animojis on other iPhone models.

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Steps To Install Animojis on iPhone 7, 8, 6S, 6 or Older Models

There is an app providing the Animojis on your iPhone, is called MrrMrr. With this app, you can do almost every kind of face tracking and it’s also great as you can get this app for free. It also allows you to add some filters and animated stuff the photos, and especially use Animojis on your older iPhones.

  1. First, download MrrMrr app on your device
  2. Once done, launch the app and you will view various tabs with different names. One of them names emojis, simply tap on it.
  3. Here there will be a list of all the emojis, including almost kind of Animojis which is available on the Animojis’ library of iPhone X.
  4. In this tab, choose and use any animated emojis on your photos and you will have a great fun when using this app. But as we said earlier, you won’t get the exact results as the real feature on iPhone since your phone does not come with the TrueDept technology.

Basically, all the Apple’s releases for iOS devices have reserved rights, so if someone tries to copy it, the company will take actions against him. Fortunately, the MrrMrr app is not blocked by Apple as it hasn’t copied all the same stuff. So, you don’t have to worry about the installing of this app. Just launch the App Store and get it for free on your phone.

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