How to flash Android 5.1.1 LMY48M Lollipop Factory Image on Google Nexus 9 LTE

Android 5.1.1 LMY48M Lollipop Factory Image is right now available for the Google Nexus 9 LTE Tablet. If you want to flash this Factory Image on your tablet, then you have to follow the steps that I have mentioned below in this article. FLashing this new firmware on your Google Nexus 9 LTE Tablet will fix the existing bugs on your device and will bring few manual improvements including the fixation of some security issues. There is no official revelation of any major changes post update in the device,, but definitely the Lollipop version of your device will be more updated and more more stable.

Remember, post the Factory Image update your device will lose root access, if its already rooted. Apart, double check the name and model number of your device as this update is exclusively for the Google Nexus 9 LTE Tablet. If you use this installation files in any other device, then there are chances of your device getting bricked. Enable the USB Debugging option in  your Nexus tab before the update. Install the Google Nexus 9 LTE drivers on your PC which will help you to connect your tablet successfully to your PC. Now let’s take a look on the update process.

Steps to Update

  • First of all download the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop 5.1.1 LMY48M Factory image file from here and extract it to the desktop of your pc. Then move the extracted folder to the platform-tools folder in the SD card of your Nexus device.
  • Now switch off your device and put it into bootloader mode by press and holding the Volume Down+Power button simultaneously.
  • Then connect your  Google Nexus 5 Smartphone to your PC via USB and open a CMD window in you computer. To do that go to the platform-tools folder where you had placed the extracted factory image file, open it, press and hold the shift key and right click at an open space inside the folder. Select the open command Prompt Window here option.
  • Enter the command “adb devices” in the command space to check if the device has been properly connected to your PC. If no device is found connected, then you have not installed the Google drivers. Install those on your PC first.
  • Once you confirm the proper association of your Nexus device to your PC, launch the ‘flash-all.bat‘ script and confirm installation process.

That’s all! The Factory Image update process will take around 10-15 minutes. Once finished, press any key to reboot your device. Now disconnect USB from your device. You shouldn’t face any issues in flashing the factory image on your Google Nexus 9 LTE Tablet following the given procedure. If faced, forget not to mention your concern in the comment section. I shall try to find out some solutions for you.

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