The Samsung Galaxy S4 reached its end of life when the device had to stop at Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. Although it no longer receives any update, the popularity of the S4 still managed to continue. It’s not getting any younger, so there are some problems usually occurring with your device. Here are some solutions to help you continue to use your Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Problems

Problems relating battery are very common in older devices. Over time, your smartphone becomes slower, so the battery will have to support more for your day-to-day activities so that will cause the defection and can no longer be used.

If you find that your Galaxy S4 only works normally with your operations when it’s connected to a charger, this means there is a problem with the battery. To resolve it, you need to have a new battery replacement, so that time you should pay your local Samsung store a visit.

Do a Hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy S4

A hard reset might be the best solution in case your S4 doesn’t turn on properly. This operation will delete all the data on your device, such as photos, videos, music, and documents, so you should make a full backup before you do this option.

Before proceeding, you need to ensure you switch off your S4 completely. After that, you press and hold the volume up button, the home button, and the power button simultaneously. As soon as your device vibrates, release the Power button but still hold down the other buttons.

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Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S4

If your S4 suddenly hangs up as soon as you turn it on, a reboot can resolve the problem. This fix can be useful for app errors, slowness, and other problems that cause the Galaxy S4 to connect properly.

Hold down the Power button down until you see the menu option. All you need to do is then tapping on Reset button.

Clear the system cache

Another solution to make your S4 better is cleaning up the system cache. This can fix a number of errors preventing the device from working properly.

To clean the cache, you first need to turn off your S4 completely. Then press down on the volume up, the home button and power button at a same time. As soon as the S4 Mini vibrates, release the power button but continue holding the other two buttons.

The stock recovery will appear. Now you use the volume buttons to do a Wipe cache partition and confirm your action with the Power button.

Those are our best tips to help your Samsung Galaxy S4 run smoothly, but we still miss out of some others. What problems are happening with your Galaxy S4 and how you can solve them? Let us know in the comments below.

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