How To Fix Your iPhone Stuck on ‘Waiting For Changes To Be Applied’ On iTunes

You have tried to sync your iPhone/ iPad with iTunes, but a “waiting for the changes to the applied” message suddenly displayed on the screen. You waited for several minutes but it did not disappear, and your device is stuck in that message. There are several reasons causing this message for your device. So in this post, we will share with you some quick fixes for the issue.

You may see some message in three different scenarios as follows:

  • You download music from iTunes, but the process is not completed.
  • On your device, you turn on the ‘Find My iPhone’ option.
  • Your iPhone has a corrupted voice memo resulting in the duplication of every sync.

Steps to Fix ‘Waiting for changes to be applied’ iTunes error:

Below are a few ways to fix the issue, but we recommend you to make a backup of Voice Memos before carrying on the steps below:

  1. First, go to iTunes and then you make a change in the devices preferences by selecting ‘Prevent iPhones, iPads from syncing automatically’.
  2. Now, in the summary tab, you select ‘Manually manage music and videos’.
  3. You will see the list of music labeled as “manually added music.” If there is any recordings here, just select them and delete them manually.
  4. Then, you take a look at the top and un-check the “Sync Music” tab and click on “Apply”. This action will delete all music files from your iOS device.
  5. After the synchronization is successfully complete, you take the local backup of iPhone/ iPad.
  6. When re-enabling the ‘Sync Music’ tab, you should also make sure to uncheck the ‘Voice Memos’ and then choose ‘Apply’. If the process does not work properly that means you have a corrupted memo.
  7. Finally, choose Devices Preference, and untick ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones, iPads from syncing automatically’ option.

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That’s all you need to do! You should  be careful when making any changes. If the above solutions do not help you, then you should think about restoring your iPhone/ iPad.

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