How To Fix Windows Hello Issues In Windows 10

PIN codes never come with the best security or the picture passwords aren’t always very helpful for Windows users. So, Windows Hello appears as an alternative to both those options. Similar to the fingerprint reader on the smartphone, Windows Hello offers a quick way to confirm your identity. But some Windows users have recently reported some issues relating to Windows Hello. So, if you are in the same case with your Windows 10 computer, use these feasible fixes to get your Windows Hello working correctly again.

Fix Windows Hello Camera Won’t Log You In

In case your Windows Hello camera won’t log you in, you need to improve your scan. Simply press the Start key > click on Accounts > choose Sign-In Options. After that, click on Improve Recognition.

When you try to sign in, you should look directly at the red or white light above your display. If you have never scanned with your glasses, click on the Improve Recognition and perform other scans.

Fix Windows Hello Camera Won’t Turn Off

A white or red light will automatically turn on when the Windows Hello camera is in use and then switch off when your computer completes scanning. But sometimes the light and the camera still keep staying on, though you’ve already logged into your PC.

There are two ways to fix a Windows Hello Camera won’t turn off. The first one is pressing the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys at the same time. After that, choose Task Manager from the menu and search for Windows Biometrics in the list of processes. Now, right-click on that name and choose End Task.

You can also restart your computer to fix the issue. Go to Start Menu > Power at the bottom-left corner. Next, choose Restart from the menu and the camera would check your identity after the restart without staying on.

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Fix Windows Hello Stuck At Lock Screen

Windows Hello would keep you on the lock screen as it needs to verify you. Although after it says “Hello” and confirms your identity, it doesn’t pass the lock screen, there is an issue with it.

If your device supports touching, you should swipe the lock screen away by placing your finger on the bottom edge and swiping up. Non-touch users just tap the space bar to lift the lock screen.

Check for new updates and drivers in Settings > Updates & Security if the issue happens frequently. You should have to reinstall Windows 10 to resolve this problem.

Fix Windows Hello Won’t Work in Windows Store

After you have set up Windows Hello, the Microsoft Store can use your face scan to authorize purchasing apps and games.

To ensure Microsoft Store has been enabled the purchase authorizations, open the Microsoft Store app, and then click on the three dots at the top right corner. Next, scroll down until you see Purchase Sign In and check if the switch is turned off.

For the next time when you try to purchase apps or games from the Windows Store, there will be a pop-up window to confirm your identity with Windows Hello or ask your PIN code. If this doesn’t occur, you should think about resetting Windows 10 so that the Windows Store can work properly again.

These are the methods to fix your Windows Hello issues on your computer. Let’s know in the comments if you have other issues.

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