How To Fix “ Unfortunately, Maps Has Stopped” Error On Android Phones

If you usually the Google Maps on your Android phone for every trip, it will absolutely be a real pain when the Map app suddenly stops working and displays a “.Unfortunately, Maps Has Stopped” message. Here are a few solutions you can try to fix the issues as well as the message on your Android phone. You can try one of these methods and then check if the Google Map works again or not.

Update to the newest Google Maps version

The problem sometimes happens with the Google Maps on your device because your app is out of date. Simply launch the Google Play Store, search for Google Maps, and then update it to the newest version available for your device.

Clear the cache of Google Maps

The Google often stops working suddenly, it might the full cache of your app. So you should make it clear by going to Settings > Applications, tap on All tab, find the  Google Maps and clear Cache to solve the problem.

Restart Your Android phone

Although this method seems to be simple, doing this can solve a surprising set of issues. Hold down the Power button on your device and choose Restart.

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Factory reset your phone

If none of these above methods works, doing a factory reset is a last resort to fix the issue. Because the process will delete all the data on your device, so you should ensure to create a backup first. To perform factory reset, go to Settings > Personalization > Backup and reset, and then tap on Reset Phone. Follow the on- screen instructions to format your device. Once done, reboot your phone and restore your data.

Here are some tips to fix the “Unfortunately, Maps Has Stopped” error on Android phone. Did these tips solve your problem with Google Maps? Do you know other useful solutions? Let us know in the comments below.

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