How to Fix Twitter Not Working on Apple Watch

The Twitter app on Apple Watch is so easy to use. It allows you to read tweets on your Timeline, look through the Trending tab, notify you of the new followers, and the ability to compose a tweet.

The Twitter app for Apple Watch can also detect your current playing song, prepare a pre-set message for you to tweet out, a smart notification system and a Top Trends tab.

While these features are very useful Apple Watch, what will happen if the Twitter app can’t  function correctly? Some Apple Watch users have recently reported that the Twitter app is not loading on their Apple Watch, or the app suddenly gets crashed, and bugs often when they’re surfing their timelines. If you have the same trouble, here are solutions to fix Twitter not working on your Apple Watch.

How to Fix Twitter Problems on your Apple Watch

Before starting, you should know that the following methods are not in order, so feel free to skim through the post if you’ve applied any similar steps.

Try these basic solutions to fix the issue

  • Restart your Apple Watch
  • Disable Wi-Fi network and then enable it back
  • Unpair and re-pair with your iPhone

If Twitter still doesn’t work on your Apple Watch, then you should try other solutions.

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Reinstall Twitter app

It’s one of the most common way to fix issues with apps from the App Store.

To delete Twitter on your Apple Watch:

  1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on My Watch section
  3. Move to the list of apps and choose Twitter
  4. Disable Show App on Apple Watch option

You should also remove the app from your iPhone. After that, reinstall Twitter on both your devices.

Sign out Twitter

Even though you are not able to log out of Twitter or switch to another account on your watch, you can still do this on your iPhone. Besides  reinstalling the app, you can also remove your Twitter account on both devices.

Wait some minutes and then log in your account again. The account on your iPhone will then sync with your Apple Watch.

Check for update in the App Store

This step is quite crucial as some people may have switched off the Automatic Update section for their apps. As a result, your Twitter app might come out of date. Just open the App Store on your iPhone and check the newer update for Twitter app. If there is one available, tap on the Update button to get the latest version.


One thing you should know that Twitter hasn’t still been working for users who are owning the Apple Watch Series 3 or already updated their Watch to watchOS 4. If you’re in this case, and the app won’t work for most of the time, simply wait for an update in the App Store, we’re sure it will be available soon.

In conclusion, we hope this post help you. Feel free to let’s know in the comment below if you have other suggestions.

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