How To Fix Nvidia Installer Failed Error

Many Windows users have reported that after upgrading their computer to Windows 10 version, they faced the Nvidia installer failed error when installing Nvidia drivers. But it is a common Windows error and can be easily fixed.

If you are in the same trouble with installing Nvidia drivers, here is a troubleshooting guide to help Nvidia installer failed error. Simply follow these methods below to get the best solution for you.

Methods to Fix Nvidia Installer Failed Error in Windows 10

  1. Wait for Windows to complete background updates

The first method to fix this error is waiting until your Windows 10 computer completes downloading and installing GPU drivers in the background. You should wait for around 20 minutes to solve Nvidia installer failed error. After that, reboot the device and you can now start installing Nvidia drivers.

This method can fix the error in most cases. If you are still facing the issue, ensure your device is connected to the internet and background updates are completed.

  1. Update Nvidia Driver

Sometimes, if you install the old version of Nvidia driver, it could lead to the error. Updating the drivers can be a good solution to fix Nvidia installer failed error on your Windows 10 computer. The drivers can be downloaded in two ways that are downloading the drivers from the official  Nvidia website or using the utilities.

If you choose to download Nvidia graphics drivers from the Nvidia website and choose the correct Product Type, Product Series, Operating System. You can get the drivers from here.

If you are not sure about above details, and then click on “GRAPHIC DRIVERS” to automatically get the most suitable drivers for you.

After installing the drivers, select Custom and perform Clean Installation.

  1. Delete old Windows version files

If there is not enough space in the C: drive, then the Nvidia installer failed error will appear. During the installation, Nvidia has to copy new files to your C: drive. If it cannot write the files due to the shortage of space, the Nvidia installer failed error will appear in your Windows 10.

By defaults, Windows will back up all your data while updating to Windows 10 OS. And the backup size will eat up a lot of disk space. You’d better delete it manually to free up more space. To do so:

  • Open My Computer and right-click on Local Disk(C:) or the driver the Windows 10 is installed.
  • Now, choose Properties > Disk Cleanup
  • Click on Clean up system files
  • Check Previous Windows Installation(s)Windows upgrade log files and Temporary Windows installation files and click OK.
  • Next, click on Delete Files option at the alert pop up.
  • Finally, start cleaning the old Windows files by choosing Yes.

Once the process is completed, try installing the drivers again and check the error again. Keep in mind that you select Custom and Perform Clean Installation.

Despite trying the above method, you are still getting the Nvidia installer failed error, try the next methods to troubleshoot the issue.

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  1. Kill all Nvidia processes using Task Manager

Nvidia installer failed error can appear if there are Nvidia processes running in the background while installing the Nvidia drivers. So, you should make sure there is not any process running before you install it. If you want to stop background Nvidia process, do these following steps:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons to open Task Manager.
  • Now, right-click on the Nvidia process and choose End Process.
  • Repeat the step to stop the processes related to Nvidia.

After killing all, start installing the drivers again 2 and you will see the Nvidia installer failed error disappear.

These are the common methods to fix the Nvidia installer failed error on your Windows 10 computer. If you have other troubles with Nvidia installation, let’s know in the comment.

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