How To Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error

The iMessage Waiting for Activation error is a very popular issue that pisses you off at the extreme levels. It is usually stuck at the activation screen. But when the activation does not happen, the error message will simply freak you out. Although this error has occurred with a lot of iOS users, we found out the solutions to what’s wrong with the iMessage app.

The below solutions are applied to all iDevices, including iPhone 7 Plus, 8, X, 7, 6S, SE… and iPad models, which are running iOS 10 or iOS 11 versions.

How To Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error

  1. Check if your Carrier Block iMessage

The first solution you should try is asking your current carrier if there’s any iMessage / Facetime block that is being implied on their data network. Sometimes, iMessage has been filtered away for financial reasons. iMessage gets difficulty to track by the operators and so they are often kept for the security concerns. If this method does not work, you can move to the next method.

  1. Check the Airplane Mode

The new iOS vesions might happen some issues with the airplane mode. You should enable the airplane mode and then turn it off to check if iMessage works. To do so, go to Settings, turn off iMessage first. After that, turn on Airplane mode, and then turn off Airplane Mode and follow by turning on iMessage.

This somehow works for some iOS devices. Maybe it’s worth a try!

  1. Sign out – Sign in Apple ID

If your Apple ID signed with your iMessages before and it has suddenly stopped working, then this method could help you.

  • First, sign out your Apple ID in iMessages by scrolling down to ‘Send & Receive’.
  • After you are done, toggle the switch next to iMessage off from settings.
  • Now, enable iMessage and log in with your Apple ID.
  • This method could fix iMessage waiting for activation error and you may get the successful iMessage activation.

Check iMessage Server Status

Another possible problem causing the iMessage activation error message comes from a down Apple server. You can check the iMessage server status by logging in When you see the iMessage server is up, try enabling iMessage on your device again.

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Restore your Device to Resolve Issue

If four mentioned methods don’t work out, you should try factory restoring your phone. The issue might come from the third party apps interfering with the iMessage’s settings, or some other issues requires a clean wipe. Simply restore your device to factory settings and start from the scratch. This might be a fruitful solution to fix the iMessage waiting for activation issue.

If none of the above methods work, the last resort should help you to fix iMessage waiting for activation error is re-installing the latest iOS version on your device. In case the problem is still not fixed, you should take your device to the nearest Apple service center.


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