How To Fix FaceTime Waiting for Activation Error On iOS 11/10

The FaceTime Waiting for Activation error is one ò the most popular issues in iOS devices that causes a lot of pain to its users all over the world. Although the issue might happen regularly during the daily use, there are literally dozens of methods to fix this error and there are different methods to be tested. Here are 7 common methods to help you fix the FaceTime waiting for activation error on your  iOS 11/ 10 iPhone, iPad.

Check Internet Connection

The first solution you need to make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot or a cellular data. You need a stable connection to activate FaceTime or iMessage. But you should note that your phone will have to send an SMS message to activate your phone number for using FaceTime and iMessage services.

Sign out Apple ID & log back in

If you face the issue with FaceTime, you can log out of your Apple ID and sign it back in. It is considered to be a quite effective method to resolve the FaceTime Waiting for Activation issue.

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Check Restrictions Settings

One more thing you can try is to check out whether the FaceTime is blocked in restrictions or not. This is a common reason causing the FaceTime Waiting for Activation error.

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Restrictions and move to Disable Restrictions. Check if the slider next to FaceTime is off, make sure to make it enable in the list of Allowed Apps.

Date/Time and Country Settings

The next method you should try is ensuring your Date and Time settings are correct. If it is already set to automatic, you should check the time zone and displayed time correctly. Moreover, iMessage and FaceTime come with options to change the location of your Apple ID account, so tap on your Apple ID: field and choose Change Location.

Disable and Re-enable FaceTime

 There is another way to solve FaceTime Waiting for activation error is simply disabling the FaceTime option and then enable it again on your device. After that, just check if it’s working properly.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting Wi-Fi settings is also a good solution for the error since the issue might be arising from your network. To do so, head to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Once you confirm your choice, your iPhone/iPad will reboot and then check if it worked well. After that, FaceTime will send to you a notification coming with an activation message. Simply get it activated with your number and Apple ID underneath.

Restore iPhone/ iPad

If nothing else helps, the last resort to fix the error is restoring your iPhone/iPad to the newer iOS version (if available). Once you ensure to back up all important data through either iCloud or iTunes.

These are the tips you can try to fix FaceTime waiting for activation error. Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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