How To Fix Facebook Messenger Crashing on iPhone and iPad

Many users have recently reported that the Facebook app on their iPhone immediately shutdown when opening or several times its got crashed in the midst of browsing news feed. Well, if you are in the same trouble, in this troubleshooting guide, we will explain how you can fix the issue.

How To Fix Facebook Messenger Crashing on iPhone and iPad

This guide is applied for both the iPhone and iPad as this is a common issue on all iOS devices.

  1. Update iOS Software on your iDevice

The most common causing the crashing issue of the Facebook Messenger is the outdated software on iPhone/ iPad. So you should make sure the iOS version on your iPhone/ iPad is up-to-date by going to Settings > General > Software Update. If there is an update available, simply tap to install it. The update will fix the bug causing Facebook Messenger crashes. But, if your phone is updated and the issue still exists, then you should go to the next solutions described below.

  1. Update Facebook Messenger 

Make sure the Facebook app is updated by heading to the App Store > Updates > Update All section at the upper right-hand corner. After that, scroll through the list of apps, find the Facebook app, and tap on it to update.

Once done, check if the problem is resolved. If not, you should then move on to the other methods

  1. Remove and Re-add your Facebook Account

Sometimes, you can easily fix the issue by deleting the account from the Facebook app and logging back again. This won’t delete completely your Facebook account. You only log out for a while and then sign back in.

  1. Delete and Install Again Facebook Messenger App

If the app still gets crashed, then you should delete the app completely on your device and reinstall it to check if the problem is fixed.

  1. Reset All Settings

One of the last resorts you can try is resetting all settings on your device. Doing this will restore your iPhone’s settings to factory defaults; but it won’t delete your personal data.

To reset your phone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings, enter your passcode and choose Reset All Settings.

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     6. Restore your iPhone/iPad

If the Facebook Messenger continues to crash on your iPhone/iPad, then there is probably a software issue, which can only be fixed by “Restoring device”. But, the process will delete everything on your device, so we recommend you to back up your data through iCloud or iTunes first.

Once the backup is completed, plug your device to a computer that has already installed iTunes. A DFU restore is also necessary to solve most issues currently on your device. After the restoration is finished, you can use iCloud or iTunes to restore your personal data to your device and we hope the issue you were facing with the Facebook app is resolved.

Remember to keep your software and Facebook app updated at all times after the problem is fixed to prevent any future errors.

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