How To Fix Face Recognition Stopped Working On Galaxy Note 8

Security is very important on every smartphone. When your phone is locked, it will help protect your personal information in case you lose your phone. Samsung always offers the biometrics, which helps to secure your phone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also features with the facial recognition which is one of the favorite features among the Note 8 users. However, some of them have recently complained about face recognition problems with it. If you are in the same difficulty, here is what you can do on your Galaxy Note 8.

Fix Face Recognition Stopped Working On Galaxy Note 8

The first method you should try is clear cache and data apps. Simply go to Settings and then selects Apps

  • On your screen, tap on the three dot icons at the top right-hand corner and then choose Show System Apps
  • Now scroll down and take a look at Face and tap on it
  • Here, tap on Storage
  • Once you are in Storage, simply choose Clear Data and Clear Cache

In the next step, disable the Smart Stay feature as this feature of your device won’t turn off if you are looking at it.

  • Launch Settings app on your Note 8
  • Here tap on Display and look for Smart Stay
  • A checkbox will appear with a tick mark on it, which means it is currently activated. Tap on it to uncheck the box.

Now see if the face recognition is already working again.

Wipe Cache Partition

If the face recognition still stops working on your Note 8, you should then wipe cache partition of the phone. This is one of the best methods to resolve the face recognition  issue on your device.

  • Power off your Note 8
  • Now press and hold the Volume Up+ Power + Bixby buttons together
  • Once you see the Samsung logo, let release all the buttons and wait till the stock Recovery can be accessed
  • Here, use the Volume Down button to move to Wipe Cache Partition
  • Use the Power button to confirm your choice
  • Once again, use the Volume Down button to select Yes and then press the Power button
  • After the Wipe Cache Partition process is completed, choose Reboot System Now
  • Use the Power Button to confirm and it will restart the Note 8

Once done, unlock your phone and check if the face recognition is working now.

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Other Solutions

  • Many of us usually use screen guards to protect our phone displays. But you should ensure that the screen guard is in line with the sensors. If the outlets are not aligned, the sensors they will not work.
  • Check for dust on the sensors as it may affect to the facial recognition process.
  • Try deleting the old set up and setting up a new one.

Here are possible methods to solve the issue if the face recognition stopped working on your Galaxy Note 8.


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