How to Fix ‘Could not activate iPhone X” Error

There are some reasons you could see a “Could not activate iPhone X” error when setting up your new iPhone X. So in this post, we’ll be with you to find out the causes of the activation error, as well as the potential fixes to help you set up your iPhone successfully.

Reasons you are not able to activate your iPhone

The carrier could experience issues

If you get your iPhone X activation issue, it seems that it only happens if you are the AT&T and Verizon customer in the US.

The activation server is unavailable

Apple’s server for activating your iPhone might be down or be experiencing a too high traffic. You can check if Apple’s server is down from

SIM card might not be supported

The SIM card you insert into your new iPhone X might not work with the device.

Activation couldn’t be completed

The issue comes from the internet connection or your iPhone itself.

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How to Fix Activation Errors on iPhone X

Remove the SIM card and re-insert it

It is highly possible that you have not put the SIM in the SIM card tray correctly, so remove it, try reinserting it, and then check if it’s effective.

Reset your iPhone

Resetting iPhone X is different as it has no Home button. There are three steps to do so,

  • Press and go of the Volume Up
  • Keep holding and then release the Volume Down button
  • Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

Wait a while

It is possible that the time you activate your iPhone X, the servers at Apple are busy. You could check the status of Apple’s activation server by going to Apple’s System Status page from here

Check your Wi-Fi network

You can also try an alternative Wi-Fi network in case Apple’s servers are blocked. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi network, move to the next method.

Activate your iPhone via iTunes

Using iTunes is also a useful way to fix your iPhone X could not activate error. Here are the steps to perform if you want to activate your iPhone using iTunes:

  1. Ensure your iTunes is up to date.
  2. Switch off your iPhone and connect it to your computer with the help of the USB cable.
  3. Turn your iPhone X on and it now triggers iTunes to open (you can also iTunes if it doesn’t).
  4. Once iTunes detects your device, you will be prompted to go through a few steps to activate your iPhone X.
  5. If it’s not automatic, choose your iPhone X from the left hand pane and you would see the option to activate your iPhone.
  6. Sign in your Apple ID & password and click on Continue.

Call your carrier

If the mentioned methods do not solve the issue, you should then contact your carrier for the advice.

Contact to Apple

If your iPhone X is still stopping you from being able to activate it, you should contact to Apple directly as they can help you or replace a new one if it is faulty and still in the warranty period.



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