How to Fix Common Problems on PS4

There has been a range of new PS4 problems throughout the year, and they are happening more frequently. With many software updates for PS4 including new features and options, they also come with the issues that you might run into that were not there before.

The problems include disc errors, the PS4 turning off without warning, or the connection problems, etc. Here are some common issues with PS4 as well as their fixes in order to get back to playing faster.

Solution to Fix PS4 Turning Off

The most common issue that many PS4 users report is that their PS4 turns off randomly while using the console. The console even does not turn on when the owner presses the power button.

If this problem happens with you, instead of the white light, you will see a blinking blue light or blinking the red light on your console. Here are a few solutions you should try to fix the issue.

  • Check the connection. Here is the HDMI cable
  • Check the hard drive
  • Ensure your PS4 is ventilated

Sony gives troubleshooting guide for the issue. If they still fail with you, contact Sony for a better fix.

Solution to Fix Disc Reading Problems

This is not a too serious issue and Sony previously delivered an update, but in case you put a disc in and your PS4 won’t read the disc, you can still follow the same solution.

  • First, eject the disc and then switch your PS4 completely off.
  • Wait for some minutes and turn it back on. If it still fails, you should shut it down and unplug it with the power for a minute.

If both of those solutions don’t work, contact Sony for a repair.

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Solution to Fix Eject Problems

Although there is no disc inserted, your PS4 constantly ejects a disc. This problem usually happens when you play Assassin’s Creed. You can try this simple fix for the issue.

  1. Unplug all the wires from your PS4, including HDMI, Ethernet, audio as well as power.
  2. Now, wait a minute and then press the power button until the PS4 lights up.
  3. Now, count to 5 and then plug the PS4 back in.

Solution to Fix Audio & Video Problems

Another common issue happening with PS4 relates to the audio and video. Some PS4 users have complained about the audio missing, video missing. If the problem comes with your PS4, it seems that a connection is set up wrong. Here are the steps you should follow.

  1. Ensure the HDMI cable is not held out by a small piece of metal.
  2. Use a new HDMI cable for the connection
  3. Try another new HDTV

If the system works on a new HDTV, simply go to the Settings -> Sound and Screen and manually set the video output to the current TV. Now, turn the console off, move it back to the other HDTV, and enjoy.

Solution to Fix Black Screen Flickers

When playing on your PS4, you might sometimes get black screen flickers. This issue happens after switching off TVs. If your PS4 comes with the same difficulty, here is a possible fix for some of you. However, you should keep in mind that this will not work for all of you. All you need to do is replacing the HDMI cable for the connection with your HDTV.

These are the common problems happening with PS4 as well as their fixes. If you face other issues, let’s know in the comment, we’ll find out solutions for you.

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