How To Fix Common Issues On HTC U11

The HTC U11 is the latest flagship of HTC that has come with excellent features from an impressive design, powerful battery life, to the water and dust resistance and more. All these compelled many HTC U11 users. However, although it’s a flagship, it cannot escape from bugs and many users have already reported some issues. So, here are the most common HTC U11 issues as well as their fixes. If your HTC U11 are in these cases, keep reading this post.

Wi-Fi Issues

Wi-Fi issue is a very common problem that many HTC U11 users have faced so far. Some users faced with the poor connectivity, while others have stated that the Wi-Fi did not work at all. Here are the best solutions you should try

  • Restart your device. Next, switch off the router, wait for few seconds and turn it back on. Now, check if the Wi-Fi is working or not.
  • Update your U11 to the latest build available.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi network by heading to Settings >Wi-Fi and choosing the troubled network. After that, reconnect the network again.
  • Check if the power saving mode is enabled, as this feature can disconnect all the connectivity to save some juice. So, turn this option off.
  • Check the Mac address by going to Wi-Fi >Settings> Advanced and then make sure that address is allowed in the Mac filter of the router.

Headphone Adapter Jack Not Working

HTC has removed the headphone jack on its U11. The manufacture did not forget to provide a headphone jack adapter in the box so that users can use the headphone. But there are currently many complaints when users plug in the adapter, they are unable to get it work. Here are the solutions you can try.

  • When plugging the headphone adapter for the first time, a pop up for the firmware update will be available. If you do not see that message, you can install the update by opening play store and then downloading the HTC audio jack adapter toolkit.
  • Another thing you can try is uninstalling the app, restart the phone and then try it again.
  • Do a factory reset.

Bluetooth Issue

Bluetooth issue is very common and almost every smartphone user face, not only the HTC U11 users. Here are the solutions for the Bluetooth issues happening with HTC U11.

  • Restart your HTC U11 first.
  • Next, turn off the Bluetooth and then turn it back on. Although this is a very simple trick, it can resolve the issue immediately.
  • Put the phone in airplane mode and then turn it off. The process will refresh all the connectivity and might fix the issue.
  • Also, delete all the prior Bluetooth pairing and pair them again.
  • If nothing works, you should perform a factory reset.

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Edge Sense Sensitivity Issue

Edge sense sensitivity is the best attraction of HTC U11 but many users have complained the Edge sense sensitivity did not work properly. According to them, the sensitivity is not responding at all. Anyways, it can be fixed easily by the following solutions.

  • Restart your device.
  • Reconfigure the force of the squeeze and check if the issue has been fixed.
  • If nothing helps you, wait for the later updates including the fix.

SD Card Issue

Corrupted microSD card or microSD card unmounted are the typical issues relating to SD card of HTC U11 users. But you no need to worry at all as this is just a small glitch and can be easily fixed.

  • Make sure the SD card is working well. So, first remove SD card and then insert it into another device and check if it is working or not. If the SD card is good, then follow the next method.
  • Format the SD card and then check if the same issue has been fixed or not.

These are 5 most common issues on HTC U11 and their fixes. If you are facing above issues, you can follow the mentioned solutions and it might help you get rid of the issues. Let’s know in the comment below.



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