How to Easily Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

Hello all Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime users! You have tried to find the new tools to root you mid-range device, but all of them were failed. So in this post today, I shall share you the guide so that you can root your Samsung Galaxy 2 Prime smartphone. The old root has  not been compatible any more after you update your device to a newer Android firmware, and your J2 Prime will not have the root access to flash custom ROMs, install custom recovery images, and more… However, once your handset is rooted, not only can you do these above things, but your device will also be enhanced to the next level with a higher speedup and even the existing bugs and lags can be easily fixed. Here is how you can root your Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime.

But before starting the process, I need to warn you that the rooting is solely your own responsibility. We will not take responsibility for any sort of issues during the root process. Therefore, you should read and understand the procedure well before starting.


  • One Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime smartphone
  • A computer already pre-installed the Samsung USB driver to help you connect your Smartphone to your computer easier.
  • An USB cord for the connection
  • Make a backup of all data in case they get lost during the rooting process.
  • Keep at least 50% power left to avoid unexpected issue.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device by going to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.
  • Don’t forget to disable the antivirus programs on your PC so that it does not block the software

Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

  1. First, go to this page on your computer.
  2. Here, download the root toolkit, named one-click-root and save the file on desktop.
  3. Now, unzip this package and you’ll get three different files.
  4. Next, turn on your smartphone and connect it with the computer using the USB cord.
  5. On your computer, you launch the Root-English.exe.
  6. Your smartphone will now automatically reboot into the download mode.
  7. Now, an Odin window will be displayed as well.
  8. From Odin menu, you select the AP option to load the root-boot.tar
  9. Remember not to check the Re Partition and Auto reboot options before you click on Start

Now, wait for the process to complete. Once done, your J2 Prime will reboot automatically.

  1. When you see the ‘your device is rooted’ message on the screen, press the Enter key and wait for a while so that your phone reboots once more time.
  2. Finally, simply launch SuperSU app on your phone and update the binaries.

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Congratulations as you are done! Now you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. In case your smartphone is struck in the bootloop sequence, or Odin stop responding during the root process, just close the program, unplug the cable and force restart your J2 Prime, then install the root package again from the beginning.

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