How to Download Pokemon Go on your iOS Devices

Pokemon Go kis a very popular game among the Smartphone users and can easily be downloaded in the Android platform. But many people using the iOS devices wonder how to download Pokemon Go for iOS devices. It’s because the game is not available across every corner of the globe for iOS users. But if the game is already available in your region, then you will face no issues in downloading the app and installing it on your iPhone or iPad. But if it’s not available in your region, then you have to follow a different method.

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Of course the method is not tough, but can use pretty long time of yours. Why? ‘Coz you have to create a new Apple ID for the region where the App is available at this moment. For instance, the App is available in Australia and hence you need to create an Apple account, keeping the region as Australia. Wonder how ! We have the below mentioned steps for you.

Create an iTunes Account for Australia

  • First of all go to this page and create a new Apple ID. Choose your country “Australia” from the dropdown Menu while creating the ID.
  • Now open the App Store on your Apple iPhone and tap “Featured” on the bottom panel. Now scroll down to the bottom and tap on your “Apple ID”.
  • Now tap the “Sign In”  button and login using your new Apple ID and Password. If you are already signed in before, then log out first and then use sign in with your new credentials.
  • While signing with the new User ID and Password, you will see a pop-up which will prompt “This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store”.
  • Tap on “Review,” select “Australia” under country or region and then tap “Next.” Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Apple’s privacy policy.
  • Again tap “Agree” on the pop-up and tap “None” under the Billing Information.
  • Now scroll down and enter a valid Australian address and a valid phone number. Then tap Next.
  • Finally tap “Done” on the right top corner.

That’s all. Now you have successfully created an iTune Account for the Australian region. Now it’s time to install Pokemon Go on your iPhone. To do so, the same Logged in Account (Australian), tap the Search button and Search for the Pokemon Go game. It will be made available for download now. Just click the “Get” button to initiate the download and it will be done in a few minutes.

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Once the app is installed, you can sign out from the present account and login with your old account. That will not affect your game status. But when the app is supposed to get an update, you have to login again with your Australian ID. In case you face any issues in installing the app on your iOS device, feel free to inform me back in the comment section. I shall find out a solution for you.

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