How to check how much Sprint Mobile data you used in your iPhone

Are you wondering just how much data you are spending for Sprint carrier in a given month on your iPhone? Sprint users will not often pay attention to track their data usage. However, don’t you know it’s very easy and free to check your data usage at any time from your iPhone. So you should keep track of your data so that it can afford any overage fees, which some carriers including Sprint slow your data speeds until the end of your billing cycle.

Here are two primary methods to check out your Sprint data usage right from your iPhone.

Check by downloading the Sprint Zone App

The first way you can try is downloading the Sprint Zone app. (it’s free and handy to have as a Sprint customer.)

Then, log in with your Sprint username and password. If you don’t have one, you can easily create one for yourself. Once logged in, you’ll see your upcoming bill, service appointments and more. You tap on the usage statistic to move to “Usage details” for more information.

At this screen, you can check out your shared data usage and individuals’ usages. Besides, you can also view your mobile hotspot usage as well as the data you used if you use roaming.

Check by Sending a Quick Text Message to Sprint

Unlike other carriers when users have to dial short codes to receive a message about data usage, Sprint has a completely different way. You need to send a message directly to Sprint instead.

Open the Messages app, type “Usage”, then send to 1311.


Just in seconds, you will receive a text message accompanied with your billing cycle, data used. The fee to send this text to Sprint for this information is free.

Also note that if you want to see the shared data plan, the data usage in the text represents the entire pool of usage so far, you should try the first way.

In case you have any questions about your data plan and usage but the answer has not been found in the app, you can contact Sprint’s customer service at 888–211–4727.

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