How To Check Battery Level Of Bluetooth Device On Android

The world is moving towards the wireless technology and the two most prominent technologies currently are Bluetooth and NFC. Bluetooth devices are now very popular as they are widely used on Android, iOS phones. They help users to answer the calls, or listen to music in many cases, Specifically, with the new trend that manufactures are ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack on their smartphones, Bluetooth devices are becoming more and more useful. However, sadly, these Bluetooth devices are not yet integrated a battery monitor in them. Although some OEMs such as Samsung, OnePlus have had inbuilt Bluetooth Battery Level indicators, but the feature is missing from the stock Android experience. So if you are finding ways to monitor their Bluetooth device’s battery, here is how to show Bluetooth battery level indicators on  your Android phone.

How To Show Bluetooth Battery Level Indicators

The following method just works with Bluetooth devices supporting a Hands-Free profile (accept, reject phone calls) or a GATT profile (4.0+ Low Energy devices).

  • To getting started, download and install the free BatON app from here.
  • Next up, connect your Bluetooth device to your Android phone. For this illustration, we recommend you to use Boat Rockerz 510 headphones.

  • Once they are connected each other, simply launch the BatON app on your phone. The app will now show the Bluetooth battery level of the Bluetooth device. You can also swipe down on the notification panel to show you the battery level of your Bluetooth device.

Although the app can automatically refresh the battery level, it just does that every 3 hours. You can set it to refresh Bluetooth battery level more often by doing the steps below:

  • First, tap on the 3-dot hamburger icon and choose “Settings.” Next, tap on “Auto measure”.
  • The settings of the automatic measure will now open. Now, tap on “Measure frequency” and then choose “15 minutes” from the list.
  • The app will automatically refresh your Bluetooth device’s battery level data after every 15 minutes.

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In conclusion, in a modern world where everything is rapidly moving towards wireless technology, a better battery life is very necessary. As mentioned, with more smartphone manufacturers ditching the 3.5mm jack on their phone, Bluetooth headphones are getting a rise. So, monitoring their battery levels comes as a great advantage when it will helps you make sure that you always keep enough battery life for your usage. Let’s know your thought in the comment below.

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