How To Buy Unlocked iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Without Contract

Apple officially allowed users to pre-order the duo iPhone 8 and 8 Plus from 15th September. Similar to every new release, the price for the new iPhone also skyrocketed for the iPhone X and thanks to the taxation policy; the prices are also different from country to country. Here is how you can buy a unlocked iPhone 8/ 8 Plus without payment plan.

How to Buy An Unlocked iPhone 8/8 Plus in USA

Sometimes there are various dealers offering promotions and  providing the consumers a relief. For instance, T-Mobile is currently selling the iPhone 8 for only $699. Let’s take a look at some places where you can buy an unlocked iPhone 8 or 8 Plus for an affordable price.

iPhone 8 Vendors

The first place you should think about is the official Apple Store. Here, you can find the option to choose the locked or unlocked version of iPhone  as well as other information relating to the top US carriers.

Carrier financing:

As mentioned, different carriers offer various deals for the new iPhone products. You can visit the websites of AT&TSprintVerizon, and T-Mobile to get the deal with the best loan plan and offer.

Online vendors:

Most mobile sellers usually access online vendors such as when they want to sell their devices. Keep an eye out on such websites and you might have chance to grab the unlocked version of iPhone 8 with a good price.

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How to Buy unlocked iPhone 8/ 8 Plus in Canada

Canadian residents can also get some relief as prices for the new models of iPhone are generally revealed.

  • iPhone 8- $- 929 ($763)
  • iPhone 8 Plus-$1,059- ($879)
  • iPhone X- $1,319- ($1087)

Although, Canada might not be the first choice when you import iPhones to your country but it definitely is a huge reduction when you compared the cost of phones to other parts of the world.

How To Buy unlocked iPhone 8/ 8 Plus in Hong Kong

Besides USA offers the best prices for Apple products, Hong Kong are also a market when comparing to the prices of the new smartphone. Although prices are generally more expensive than USA, you can still purchase an iPhone for a reasonable price in Hong Kong.

  • iPhone 8- ($766)
  • iPhone 8 Plus- ($881)
  • iPhone X- ($1099)

Additionally, if you are planning to import some Apple smartphones to your country, you should check out the customs policy in your area.

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