How To Avoid Spam On Android Phones

Spam now appears everywhere no matter which devices you are using, including a computer, iPhone and an Android phone. However, there are various ways to handle it. So, if you are using an Android phone and want to avoid spam on Android, then you head to the right post, as we will it here in detail.

How To Avoid Spam On Android

SMS Spam

The stock message app on Android usually does not come with the spam SMS blocking feature, but there are plenty of apps available on the Google Play store to help you in this case.

Email Spam

Email spam will make the inbox fill up easily, which causes you to delete the important email. So, it is best to block the spam email beforehand. Here is how to get rid of it on your Android phone. There are two common ways that are unsubscribing the spam email or blocking them.

Unsubscribe the spam mail:  When you receive an email from a company it usually comes with an unsubscribe link. Simply tap on that link and it will then open a browser. Here you can confirm that you are unsubscribed.

Block the spam email: If you still receive an email from a company though you have already selected the unsubscribed button, then you should block for the email. To do this, select the spam mail and then tap on the three dots icon. Next, choose ‘report as spam’ option and then all the emails from that company will be marked as spam.

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Notification Spam

Notification spam is the most common for the Android device. You’d better turn off the notification for the unnecessary apps. The process to turn off notification on each Android version is explained below.

Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher: Go to Settings> Sound & Notification> App notification. Here you can choose to turn off the notification of the app you want.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and later: If your device is running on Android 4.x.x, go to Settings>Apps>All tab and open every tap to turn off the notification.

These are the main ways to avoid Spam on Android phones. Doing this will help you save the valuable amount of space on your device.

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