Google’s Material Design Search experimentation on desktop browsers

Google, the biggest search giant in the world is experimenting on new techniques to make your search experience all the more versatile and powerful. To be more clear, Google is experimenting on the material Design Search pattern which is at this moment visible only to a very small portion of the global search engine users. So we assume it to be an experimentation by the Google Search Engine Devs and of course is not a full fledged tweak or update.

google searc -interface

Because a very small portion of the Search Engine users see it, so those who already are seeing it might not also notice. I mean, there are very little sublime changes in the search pattern which will hardly come to the user’s eyesight, unless he gazes at it. A close observation of the Search page will show you how the new search page design is divided onto “clean white cards” that seem to float over the off-white backdrop. The other major change you will notice is a firm gray bar at the top that search which somehow matches to the usual mobile user interface.

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It’s obvious that there will be no difference in the search results, but the way the search results appear, it seems that very few results can be accommodated on one page due to the white spaces. Also because the information module is being accomplished with the search results within the white space instead of the right hand bar (which happens in the present search pages), so this space problem will be more vital. Undoubtedly, this layout will be soothing to the eye, but decreasing the number of search results in the search page might diminish the interest of users for using the Google search Engine. That’s why perhaps Google has not made this layout official.

Among other major changes in the page layout is the three-dot icon that has been replaced by the Settings Gear icon and this is a very friendly layout patterns in Smartphones and tablets. So it has not yet been decided by Google, if the new Search Layout will be made to the public, but we would definitely like to hear “What you say on this?”

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