Google unveils Contact Lens to monitor Glucose level for diabetics!

Good news for diabetics patients! You no more have to undergo the finger prick schedule to measure your glucose level. You might wonder how! In fact, the leading global tech giant Google on Thursday day unveiled a contact lens that bears the capability to monitor glucose level in tears, thereby making it easy for the 382 million diabetics patients who on regular basis had to prick their fingers as many as ten times a day to cope up with the responsible activity.

Contact Lens by Google

However, the technical innovation of Google will for sure eradicate the bothersome schedule of all who suffer from diabetics. The lens is made of a tiny glucose sensor and a wireless transmitter and Google claims that the device will take another 5 years to reach in public hands. Reportedly, Google took almost 18 months to develop the lens and it was developed in the same Google X lab that the techno giant had prior used to create some touching products like the driverless car or the Web-surfing eye-glass of Google.

From physical outlook, it looks exactly like a contact lens and two dazzling glitter-specks are combined with lakhs of tiny transistors on the lens and it’s surrounded with a hair-thin antenna. What says Brian Otis, one of the foremost researchers of Google, the device is developed with the sole aim to bring everything miniatured to public with maximum usability and hence the device is developed with abundant work with miniscule appearance. Further Otis confirms that the lens is the smallest glucose sensor of the world still date.

However, Google is not the only tech manufacturer to manifest a needle-less glucose monitoring system to this world. Before also the Netherland based company NovioSense has tested a equivalent lens which can be fixed under an eyelid for testing the glucose level. Similarly, another company OrSense based in Israel had before experimented a thumb cuff. But what makes this device different from others is its size with huge functionality that is hardly found in others.

While the device is yet to hit the floors after years, we will eagerly wait to get further updates on the device to know basically on its quality of measurement and perfection in monitoring the sugar level that will help the users to take timely precaution for rescuing from the disease. Stay connected to get further developments on this world’s first ever glucose monitoring wireless device from Google!

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