Google to launch two self branded Android Wear Smartwatches Angelfish and Swordfish

You know how popular the Android Smartwatches are in this era. Since the day the first Android Wear Smartwatch was produced a couple of years ago, we have seen immense popularity of these devices among the youth. And Google is the first platform to introduce this concept. But till date we had not seen any Android Wear from Google’s own den like that of the Nexus branded Smartphones that it did launch for users, though we had seen Google launching Smartwatches running on LG’s G Watch and Motorola’s Moto 360 platforms now.

Angelfish & Swordfish

But now the Android Wear lovers will be happy to know that instead of acting as an OEM, Google has moved a step ahead launch two of its own Android Wear Smartwatches, possibly using the Nexus brand. It’s not clear of course, but is assumed by Android Police. What the rumor mill confirms, the two forthcoming devices are going to be codenamed as Angelfish and Swordfish. Android Police rates this rumor 9 out of 10. That means, the news can be accepted without any further argumentation.

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As per the details ensued by Android Police, Angelfish is going to be a comparatively larger device with specified connectivity options such as LTE, GPS and Heart Rate sensor whilst the later i.e. Swordfish is going to be more reasonable, pocket friendly and will be free from the above mentioned connectivity options. You will be happy to know that the first demo images of both these Android wears have been released by Android Police, though this might differ from the Originals at a later stage. Afterall, these are demo images.

The image displayed above showcases the prototype of both the upcoming Android Wear Smartwatches i.e. Angelfish & Swordfish. Of course this is not the exact look that the devices will hold, but they will somehow look like those. The bigger watch positioned to left side of the image is named Angelfish whereas the smaller one will be called Swordfish. As per the reports, Angelfish is not going to support Google’s Mode Android Wear watch bands whilst Swordfish will support the same. But in comparison to the later, the former will stand to be more powerful and feature-centric and will be quite qualitative in comparison to other Smartwatches of the time.

There is no information when both the Angelfish and Swordfish Smartwatches are going to be launched. But soon the details will be revealed. So keep visiting TechGipsy to get further details on both these Android Wears.

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