Google Search App receives revamped Weather Forcasts

In past 2014, Google introduced a new design ethics for its Search  Apps called the Material Design and this design was made superior with classy design, marvellous look, vivid colors, natural looking 3D effects, and fast flowing transitions. Soon most apps of the Mountain View giant got designed again to cope up with the guidelines of the changed interface of the Search App. However, Google didn’t forget to keep room for improvement in the App. Here we must inform you that the most popular version of Android i.e. 5.0 Lollipop was launched during the same period when this new Material was introduced.

And just of late Google has introduced something new. Guess what! A new interface for the Weather section of the Search APP. Google officially made this evident today saying, Google Search App got “an upgraded weather experience on Android phones.” Making things more clear, Google wrote on its official blog, “now when you search for ‘weather’ or ask Google, ‘will it rain today?’ in the Google app on your Android phone, you’ll get a wealth of new information.” This wealth of new information will be much more informatic that it used to be.

Once you start using this new interface, you will know that the new Weather Interface is more colorful and contains a number of new weather details. The informations include a detailed 10-day forecast, sky conditions on hourly basis and prospect of rain, air quality, severe weather alerts, UV index, sunrise and sunset times, and many more. The New User Interface of Weather is fast responsive & transitions are almost spot with the Material Design philosophy.

The new Material Design is being rolled in installments & hence might take sometime before it reaches your device. To check the status of of your Google App update, you can follow this link. While some users have already received the update, some are still waiting. So keep visiting the given link frequently if you have not already received the update.

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