Google Introduces New feature: Google+ Users can Email to Any Gmail Address

Are you a Google + user? Do you use a Gmail account? Then we have a very good news for you, though some might feel this irksome, still many will love. In fact, Google today introduced a brand new feature to Google+ that will allow all Google+ users to email anyone using Gmail & Google+ and vice versa. Prior to this, the feature was not put into force thereby provoking people to contact anyone on their accord on Gmail.

Google Plus

However, many privacy advocates have raised their concern on the said feature commenting that the new feature will raise the headache of thousand users who are concerned for privacy. However, it’s but sure that the feature will multiply the contact list of the users since the contact of the people in their Google+ account will be added to the list. As a result of which a Google+ user can directly send email to everyone whoever is using the Google+ Social Networking site.

On the other hand, Google is on constant effort to energize the features of its Social Networking site and by now has reached almost 540 million users database since the day of its origin before 2 & 1/2 years. By default Google now provides a Google+ account to every user who registers at Google’s web-based mail service Gmail and thereby making the unknown familiar with the service. And Google believes this feature will assist every single user to communicate easily between both the services (Gmail & Google+).

Prior to this Google used to keep a setting for the users to decide from whom to receive mails and from whom to not. But in this feature everyone can send a message to anyone that only puts a question on the success of the feature. However, standing to the concerns of the privacy advocates on the security of the feature Google said that the mails sent by any Google+ user to strangers will be kept in a separate section within their mailbox other than the mails from friends and family and if the user doesn’t respond to the email, then Google will block all future massages from the same mail ID. Google will make everyone aware about the functionality of this new feature over Email in the next couple of days.

However, the celebrities having huge fan following on Google Plus will be barred from this functionality and their mail IDs wouldn’t receive any email directly from the users.

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