Google’s Cardboard Camera App; Helps you to click “VR Photos”

If you are a tech savvy and fond of Camera, then you must have come across the news that in the previous year’s I/O conference, Google  had launched an inexpensive DIY Cardboard which the company claimed to be a “VR headset” and it was developed by a group of Google Engineers. And later the cardboard stood to be the cheapest VR Headset in the market which has the power to take the users into the world of virtual reality. But the task is tough and hence to simplify it, Google has recently launched the Cardboard Camera app that will help you fetch VR Photos with ease.

What the company claims, the Cardboard Camera app makes your Smartphone a virtual camera and hence you can capture three-dimensional panoramas easily. Post installing the app, it will be easy for you to capture a virtual image as the app functions very equal to a camera. All the users have to do is to hold the app and capture an image just by moving it in a round circle. For the time, the app is available at the Play Store in 17 languages and it will support devices running Android 4.4.4 KitKat and above.

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As per the current status of the App, already more than 5000 users have already installed the app on their handsets and using successfully devoid of any complain. Commenting on the reliability of the App, Carlos Hernandez, the Google Software Engineer says, “Later, when you place your phone inside a Google Cardboard viewer, you’ll get to experience something new: a VR photo.”

The app is 33MB is size and hence you are recommended to use WiFi while downloading the app to prevent use of your mobile data. But this app is only limited to the Android users. Google has no plan of introducing this app for the iOS users.

Download the App Here

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