Google announces to include sponsored apps on Play Store search results

It’s quite common for the search engine giant Google to bring in surprising newness to the Google Play Store and the latest might not be as welcoming, well, so say a considerable number of the play store users.

Google has announced a new sponsored results feature which it will be piloting in the next few weeks, enabling developers to pay for sponsored spaces on the Google Play Store.

Looking at how sponsored advertisements have performed on organic search results, Google will be introducing a similar system for developers to benefit from. Very soon, a limited selection of consumers will see adverts from a pilot group of advertisers running the novel system for their apps.

It’ll be interesting to see how developers, big and small, make use of the search ads within the store, and whether or not they will be of any use for consumers. It’s a fact to remember that more than 100 billion searches are made every month in Google Play, which creates a huge forum for exposure here with developers just having to pay for it.

Though the intent behind this might see good money being made, the consumer side doesn’t seem very happy. There is quite a bit of debate and disappointment that users are venting out on social media and news sites. Some believe this move might only work for the apps that have been highly paid for which might not be as good as something else with a low budget while others say that most sponsored results are not worth a click.

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