Get the most out of your Apple Watch with these tips and tricks

Got the premium Apple watch and feel it’s just a watch with smart-ish capabilities? People cry aloud saying the Apple Watch doesn’t do enough yet. Yes, it a simple, feature-free Apple offering. But, we are afraid you are wrong. Behind the simple looks it hides oodles of potential. Lots of little optimizations and features that you won’t have explored. Here a short walkthrough of what you might have been missing.Apple Watch

Screenshots (or watchshots as I like to call it)

Yep, Apple watch can take screenshots too. Just press the power button and watch crown simultaneously. The screen will flash, saying that the image has been saved to the Photos app. So, next time you complete a long run (see below) or hit a ridiculous speed during your morning run, don’t forget to share and brag!

Get ahead of time with your Apple Watch

I remember setting my clock 10 minutes fast so that I won’t miss the college bus. So if you are one of us who likes to stay ahead of things, Apple Watch has got you covered. It’s an odd little human quirk. To do this, open the Settings app and select “Time”. Under this menu, you can set the Apple Watch’s time up to 59 minutes ahead. Mission accomplished!

Customise the watch face to your heart’s desire

Now this is one of the best feature of smart watches. Changing the watch face is the best way to customise your Apple Watch without accessories. Wanna a look to complement your suit? There are a bunch of preinstalled watch faces with the Apple Watch. Press on the watch face and you will be presented a list of available faces to choose from. But, that’s not all. Under each face, there is a customize button which lets you tweak “components” of the selected watch face. The alterable areas are shown with a tinge of green and to switch between their settings, flick the watch crown.

Customize the apps screen

You can make the Apple Watch more intuitive to use by customizing its apps screen. Leaving the clock in the centre, you can switch positions of every app icon. No, the Apple Watch itself won’t let you do this on that tiny screen. On iPhone Watch app, click on the top entry in the My Watch tab. You will be presented a screen that imitates your Apple Watch apps screen. You can drag and drop the apps to arrange them as per your like.

Customise your template messages

Apple Watch lets you to send quick replies to text messages, but doesn’t allow you to type full replies. You can dictate to Siri if you wish. But, it is always possible? The stock replies are great, doesn’t doesn’t cover everything. On the Watch iPhone app, go to Messages section under the “My Watch” tab. Under the “Default Replies”, you can add and edit your most frequent watch replies.

Customise notifications

Yes, you can choose which app pings you on your Apple Watch in the Watch app. On the iPhone Watch app, go to the “My Watch” tab and select “Notifications”. At the bottom section of this screen you can toggle an app’s notification permission on or off as per your preference.


Do you know that your Apple Watch can multitask? No it can, quite effortlessly. Double-tap the Apple Watch crown to open the last watch app you used. Double-tap again to switch between two apps you used in the same session.

Find your iPhone

Lost your iPhone amidst the blankets and pillows? Apple Watch makes it easier to find. You can use it to play a sort and quick sound from your iPhone, so that it is much easier to find.

Right from the watch face, swipe upwards and then press the phone icon that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Play music locally from your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch can store and play music locally too. The watch comes with 2GB of space you can use for music, and listen to after connecting a pair of Bluetooth headphones to it.

To transfer music, they need to be part of a playlist. Create a playlist on your iPhone. Head over to the “Music” section in the “My Watch” tab of the iPhone Watch app. Here you will find a “Synced Playlist” menu that lets you pick playlists to move into your Watch. Also remember that your Watch needs to be connected to a charger to sync.

Control Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV, then the Watch can also function as a remote for your Apple TV box. For this you need to use the “Remote” app on your watch.

Yet this is just a scratch on a surface. There’s more. You can use third party watch apps to calculate your walk distance and all. And yes the “stamina” mode that extends your watch’s battery life albeit with loss of features, which you can enable by holding the power button down for a second.

Anything we missed? Share with us your favourite Apple Watch feature in the comments below.

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