Get smart and trendy with the new Sony SWR10 band

Sony is known for its innovation of high-tech gadgets. Now the Indian market has got Smartband SWR10 from Sony. The SmartBand consists of a removable core unit and a trendy and comfortable wrist band. The core contains a highly advanced sensor technology that feels your movements and sends back the data to your smartphone. The Smartband is a fitness tracker. Now you don’t have to spend money on your Fitness trainer, you just have own this once and get a fit and active lifestyle.  The device records how much you walk during the day, run on your treadmill and the amount of calories you take. It tracks your sleeping pattern and gives you a wake up alarm accordingly.

 Sony SmartBand

Not only takes care about your physical activities but also satisfies your entertainment and social needs. The smartband transfers all the activity and communication data through Bluetooth and NFC using Life log app. NFC is a high frequency short-range wireless communication technology between a distance of few inches, its faster and more secure than Bluetooth. The lifelog app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. When this app is activated in your smartphone you will alerted as soon as you receive any call or message with a vibration in the band.

Save every moment of your life by pressing the life bookmark key. The Smartband keeps the track of all the photos you clicked when you were out with your family or friends ,all the songs you have listened to while you were jogging at the park and the games you played when you got bored or stressed .So this gadget will never leave you alone. It also records the names of people you talked to.  Moreover this smart gadget on your wrist allows you the control the music on your Smart phone .To avail this feature you have to get the Walkman app for android installed.

The gadget comes without any display. This gadget is water resistant and is priced at Rs 5990 in India. You have to wait till the third week of May to own this smart gadget.

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