Genius App gives you live lyrics no matter what song you listen

Well, if you are an Android handset user, then we have an app which will bring fultoo entertainment package for you. Guess what! It’s the Genius App that is enriched with the technique to display song lyrics, no matter what song you listen. And what’s more interesting in it is that you don’t have to download and install any other special for the purpose. The Genius App itself is sufficient to make you available the lyrics of the songs just in a tap, no matter what you are listening such as Pandora, Google Play Music, Spotify, or anything else.

In the last couple of years, a number of modifications have been witnessed in the Genius App, though it was originally introduced as a “Rap Genius” app. The app though initially started with a collection of Rap lyrics and bigger lyric-based sites, has come to the limelight today with something more interesting enhancements and has come to the mainstream. The Google App quite unique in nature as it offers qualitative annotations along with lyrics. Before such kind of in-text interpretation was not that much professional and seemed meandering. But now it has improved to a more professional and passionate level.

The previous year, Genius had launched an app in the iOS platform. But it’s just before the last August when the lyric database hit Android. Right now you as an user can neither edit nor add annotations to the app, but sources from the company reveal that they are already working to add this functionality to the Android platform. If this really happens, then Genius will be an absolutely mind-blowing and the most demanded app by the music lovers.

So if you have not already taken a trial of the app so far, then it’s time that you must pay a visit to the Play Store to download this app. Just download the app and explore through the features. But yes, definitely take a momentary break from exploring as you must share your experience of the app with us.

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