Galaxy S8 leaks, Nokia and BlackBerry plans for 2017

Before the CES 2017 event, the rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8 have been leaked clearly. This week has let us know the release date in April 18, a hint at a Continuum-like a new feature, and a live photo of the Galaxy S8, which might possibly be a fake or real, as the Samsung’s upcoming flagship is supposedly in testing in China.

In the ‘tangible’ area, we have greeted one new member this week from ASUS, the Asus Zenfone AR, in Las Vegas. The Tango device features a 5.7-inch QHD display, packed with 8GB of RAM, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC inside, and it also supports Google Daydream, but users cannot use both Tango and Daydreaming at a time. Besides, Asus also introduced another new Zoom camera phone, the ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom, with the dual-camera like on iPhone 7 Plus. Unlike its predecessor of Zenfone series with the periscope 3x mechanism, the Zenfone 3 Zoom has a 2.3x range of two separate cameras.

Also at CES event this year, Xiaomi revealed a hotter white version of its latest flagship, Xiaomi Mi Mix, but the ability that Xiaomi brings this borderless flagship to other markets outside of China is zero as the Mi Mix will still be exclusive to its home market at least. Qualcomm also introduced the newest Snapdragon 835 top-end SoC, with up to 20% power saving than the Snapdragon 821 and Samsung confirmed the A (2017) series officially too, but not at CES.

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Another leaked slide reveals the plan of Nokia/HMD plan for releasing 6-7 Android phones for this year and one of them, which we heard many rumors is the Nokia D1C. We’ll be surely seeing a new BlackBerry device at the MWC event, which is a properly hardware QWERTY device.

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